My Favourite Multi-Purpose Products

I love things that have more than one purpose, especially as it pertains to packing. These are a few of my favourite things (see what I did there?)

  1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil. So I tried some of this from Sally’s because the sound of something mango & lime scented sounds delightful (and this is). It’s supposed to be for moisturizing hair, and I have used it for hot oil treatments. Another thing that it is excellent for is moisturizing your skin. Apply on damp skin after showering or bathing, and it leaves skin soft and supple. Another use is for cleaning makeup brushes. Just thought I’d throw that in there. Use along with soap.
  2. Plastic bags. Oscar the grouch was onto something with “I Love Trash”. A plastic bag is the perfect multi-purpose item. They’re good garment bags, plastic caps for condition your hair, shower caps, trash bags for a small trash can… the list goes on and on. Just one more though… they keep your hair from getting wet if you forgot an umbrella.
  3. Strainers. In the kitchen, strainers are a beautiful thing. Not only are they great for their intended purpose, they can be colanders, flour sifters, and good for rinsing rice.
  4. Coconut oil. All right, I know I have 2 oils on here, but I use them for different things. I rarely use this for cooking. What I really like using this for is oil pulling. It’s also great for makeup removal if you find yourself sans makeup removal cloths. It’s not as thick as the castor oil, which is why I like using it for my face. It’s like a facial cleanser and moisturizer in one. How sweet is that?
  5. Reusable bags. No duh, right? But seriously. I’ve used them for storage, as an overnight bag, and as a purse. Yes, I’ve used a reusable bag as a purse, and still do! Free People gives out cloth bags instead of plastic that are about the size of a dump bag. So when I’m away for work, that is my purse; it takes up very little luggage space.
  6. Soap. SOAP?! I know, but hear me out! If you get a cheap, nicely scented soap from TJ Maxx or a similar discount store, it can be used to scent your drawers! If you want to get fancy, wrap them in a pretty tissue paper and secure with a ribbon. Voila! You have drawer deodorizers and didn’t spend much!
  7. Paper towels or napkins. Lord knows how many times I’ve used these as note pads or for doodling on long flights. Hey, it’s paper!
  8. Laptop. Anyone else ever use theirs as a file folder? No? (Okay, that one was silly, but I do this regularly).
  9. Sarongs are so right! (I had to). It’s a scarf for around the waist, right? I have one that I use as a beach dress cover up, a scarf around the neck, and a head wrap! Why not get the most out of it? It can even be used as a beach blanket for one! Or a lap cloth in church.
  10. Diva Wash. Menstrual cup users rejoice! There is now another use for the Diva Wash! For those of you that don’t know, the Diva Wash is specially formulated to wash a menstrual cup. This is important because of, firstly, where it goes, and it won’t ruin the medical-grade silicone. I don’t know if you read it, but it’s also great for face and body. I’ve been using it as a facial wash and sometimes bath soap. It has a delightful orange soap. I’m sure you can use most any menstrual cup wash this way, but that happens to be the one I’ve seen most readily at drugstores.

So that’s it! I hope some of these might be helpful to you or made you chuckle a little. These are the items that I use frequently. Hopefully, you found some new favourites, or are looking at things around you differently.


Travel 101

‘Tis the season to be traveling, apparently. With Thanksgiving being the most traveled day and Christmas being the second, that’s a lot of passengers with baggage, miles accrued, and flashbacks to summer for flight crews (let’s not speak of it).

Whether you’re a veteran globetrotter, an annual traveler or somewhere in between, these tips should help you get from Point A to B with minimal stress and most of your hair. Being a stewardess for a year has helped me to improve my travel game. Although I have traveled in the past, doing it as a profession brought finesse.

  1. Keep your seatbelt visible. I know you’re anxious to find your seat and get that nap in, but please keep your seatbelt visible to the flight attendants. We do actually have to visually confirm that it’s on. If we can’t see it, you will be awakened from your slumber. It’s uncomfortable for all parties to do this, so keep the seatbelt where it can be seen. If you need a blanket, fasten the seatbelt over it. And for pity’s sake, fasten it properly; it’s for your safety!
  2. Pack light, then take something else out. Do you need to take your personal hair dryer, or a 4th pair of shoes? Packing is spelled PRIORITIZE. If you don’t desire to check any luggage, choose your carry on wisely. Yes, it may be a standard sized carry on, but suppose you’re on an aircraft that’s too small for roller boards (that, by the way, is over stuffed)? Or what if your flight is full, you’re towards the back of the line, and carry ons end up being checked? It happens! If you can’t bear the idea of checking a carry on, be prepared for this. Pack no more than is absolutely necessary, and rethink what you consider a necessity. Medication, identification, wallets, and things that cannot go underneath the plane should not go in a carry on in case it needs to be checked. Duffel bags have gotten nicer in recent years… consider this as an option. Most can usually go in the cabin under the seat.
  3. NEVER BOOK TIGHT CONNECTIONS. Okay folks, this one is important for a number of reasons, all of which are summed up thusly: it’s stressful. When booking a flight, look at the time you’ll have to make a connection. Allow 2-3 hours (yes, hours) between if you can. Flights get delayed more often than you think they do. PLEASE allow yourself time to make your connecting flight. This saves people from being screamed at that have no control over the many things that can delay a flight. This is something you can actually control.
  4. Be kind and considerate to all of the workers. From bag checkers, ticketing and TSA agents, flight attendants, customer service agents… keep in mind that these people are here to assist you to your destination. Because folks want to travel during the holidays, they forfeit time with their families to make that possible for you. Cursing them out will not help you reach your destination any faster, though you might get to visit with airport security. Follow their directions, be kind, and use your best manners, even if you’re stressed out. You can do it; I have faith in you. Added bonus: if you’re nice to us, we’ll be sure to look out for you.
  5. Watch and talk to fellow passengers. Put the phone/tablet down. Yes, put it down… and observe. Being a stewardess and watching people has helped me be able to pick out the clueless traveler from the road warrior. Your road warriors (individuals that feel most at home in airplanes and hotels) know a thing or two about how to travel; glean from them.
  6. Relax and enjoy. Travel is tiring! I can’t totally blame folks that get grouchy, especially if you don’t travel much and things don’t go as planned. Even beyond travel, life doesn’t go as planned sometimes! When it doesn’t, try to look at the positives. You never know what dangers are being avoided by your being delayed, or what fun detour you may find during the journey. Pause, Breathe, and look at the situation anew. Be sure to wind down at some point with hot tea and cat videos on YouTube. That’s what I do sometimes.

Enjoy this holiday season wherever you find yourself, and safe travels.

Seasons Greetings from your friendly neighborhood stewardess.

The Hardest Goodbye

If we were having coffee, I’d apologize for missing last week. I was out working this weekend, and had possibly the most emotional weekend ever. 

I had only a 2-day trip this weekend, and was particularly anxious and excited about this layover. A young gentleman that I had spent some time with resides in the area. 

So I text him… only to find out that he is now dating someone. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have taken it as hard as I did, but it turns out that I liked him more than I cared to believe. In any event, I drank far too much wine that night because I didn’t want to deal with my feelings, and ended up crying over a children’s book early the next morning.

 I also took the liberty of texting him (while inebriated, mind you) that I was in the area. He felt badly about it, so he said, and I ended things with “Well good luck, and goodbye.”

The next morning, I see a text saying “Don’t say that.” I cried all over again. After asking him why, it started some more texting. I asked him not to contact me while he was dating someone, and he agreed to it. I couldn’t read the good bye message he left me because the tears pooled up. 

To say I was hysterical is an understatement. I think I cried harder and louder than when my grandfather died. I feel bad for anyone in other rooms that heard, but I was beyond caring. 

Of course, this happens right before I have to get ready to work, so I had to get out of bed, and pack while crying. Listening to “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child helped. 

That was my weekend, and actually, that was the short version. A workout will be much needed to lift my morale. I hope your week and weekend was much better than mine. 


How To Write A Blog Post

By no means do I consider myself to be an amazing writer. I’ve written a story here and there, but primarily, I’m a blogger. These diary-style entries are something I’ve written since my first diary in the 5th grade (it had kittens on the cover. Who doesn’t like kittens?) 

Having said that, here is what typically happens when I decide to write a new blog entry. 

  1. Gather my laptop, phone, earphones, pen and paper, and head to Starbucks. 
  2. Shoot the breeze briefly with Joe, Tori, and the other baristas because I spend way too much time & money at my home Starbucks (yes, I know their names).
  3. Actually order my drink (and get it in my own mug. It saves $.10, paper cups, and it’s bougie, but I can live with that). 
  4. Take a seat and bust out my craptop… I mean laptop, and pray no one knocks out the cord or it’ll go off. 
  5. Make the iTunes or YouTube list. 
  6. Get on here and start typing. 
  7. Get completely distracted by 3-5 of the songs from my list, or start playing another off the list that came to mind. 
  8. Actually write the entry. 
  9. Get distracted by yet another song while trying to come up with decent tags for the post. 
  10. Finally add all of the appropriate tags and… eek!… publish the post! Ahh!!!
  11. View your post, then go back and correct stuff you missed. Repeat 2 or 3 times. 
  12. Make yourself leave it… STOP! Leeeeave it! Leave it alone! It’s fine!
  13. Take off the earphones because they make your ears hot, get a tea/latte refill, and people watch. If you’re feeling friendly, talk to someone near you (especially if it’s an attractive someone. Don’t say anything stupid!)
  14. End out by putting the headphones on and laughing at stuff on Facebook or watching cat videos. 

More or less, this is my writing process. At the end of the day, I blog because it’s fun and I like sharing. Even the process should be somewhat fun, right?

Happy writing!

Birthday Blues

Normally, I really like birthdays, including my own. It’s a day to celebrate the fabulousness that is you, of course!

My birthday is in 9 days and I’ll be yet another year older. Here’s why I’m not looking forward to it this year:

  • I’m not where I wanted to be at this age (not married, no children, still living at home, etc), and therefore, am embarrassed to admit to being this age/don’t want to be this age. It just reminds me that I’m too old not to have certain things in order.
  • My work week starts on my birthday. ugh. getting off is tough, and I don’t want to use sick time.
  • because of the above reason, I probably won’t get to have cake.
  • no party or celebration will be had. although the first reason has me down, I’d still like a party. I haven’t had a birthday gathering/party in a while. I tried planning one when I turned 30, and no one could come… including me! (my account was drained. it wasn’t a good birthday).
  • I won’t have much money to even take myself out! Maybe next check after my birthday.
  • when you get older, you’re stuck celebrating by yourself.

I wish I had a happy ending to this post and that despite the cons, I am looking forward to my birthday… but I don’t and I’m not. If I had the day to myself, maybe I could see the ray of sunshine coming through the clouds. Birthdays should be about you, and this one just won’t be. This is the second birthday where I’ve had to work, and that’s just depressing.

And yes, I do mean the second birthday ever. At all of the jobs I’ve had, I made it a point not to work on my birthday. I treasure it enough that I ensure that I don’t  “have” to do anything then. I don’t have that option with my current job.

So here it is. Happy birthday to me. *sigh*

SBF is on its own

So what could this possibly mean?

Well, in simple terms, it means that the misadventures of me seeking Asian food is now its own blog! Rejoice!!!

Does it mean that this page will disappear?

Most certainly not!

I love to eat in general, but I think that particular subject will be able to stand on its own quite well. Asian food is a vast thing that cannot simply be constrained to white takeout cartons and chopsticks. There are many countries within Asia, which means various cuisines. I seem to fall back to it a lot, and I feel that I should start exploring the subject more. So, just like a child that wants to grow up, I decided to give these particular posts their own space. My hope is that it flourishes into something more than I could’ve imagined… but mostly, we’ll see what happens and enjoy the many meals to come.

Check it out, and I hope you enjoy that blog just as much as this one. The same quirky and honest writings that you enjoy here may also be found there. It’ll just be solely food based, and will be about a specific kind of food. It’s specific, but vast enough that the subject won’t be easily exhausted.

So here’s to something new. I’m still Miss Rach, your flight attendant… but I’m also your friendly neighborhood SBF, and I love me some Asian food.