Blog Post #1

Hey guys! So… this is my first blog post on this site, though it’s not my first time blogging. I first started blogging in 2002 on xanga. I ended up adding a second blog name for all of my cooking forays. I did this faithfully up until the computer that I was using crashed. I didn’t get into it like that again. 

Now, however, I’m feeling more prompted to start blogging once again for a couple of reasons:
1. I’ve always liked writing. Nothing will stop me from doing this.
2. I would love to do it as a job, so I have to keep doing it.
3. It’s so much better for your sanity if you don’t keep all of your crazy thoughts to yourself. Someone else may have the same crazy thoughts as you do! 

So it is with these things in mind that I am starting this blog. I thought I was going to blog all about food, but I know I won’t. Fond as I am of food, I have a fan page that’s all about food. Plus, I want to dedicate vlogs to that. Secondly, food isn’t the only thing that I think about. 

So here it is: a blog about me and how I look at food and life. Right now, I’m not working at a “job” per se, but I watch my nephew while everyone else in my family goes to work. I don’t have my own car anymore, so I’m pretty much homebound. I know it won’t be this way forever, but this is my life right now. 

and you know something? I think I can be okay with that. 

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