Be celebrated

It’s 2 days after my birthday and I’m 29 years old. It’s a little scary, but it’s all right, I guess. Well, the day after my birthday, a college friend wrote on my wall “Love you lots; be celebrated!”

hmm, I said. At first, I just thought it was sweet. Then it made me think, though. It made me think of something that my Pastor had said a long time ago. In the women’s conferences we have, she would talk about being authentic because your uniqueness is what makes you necessary. In addition, she would make mention of finding people around which you are celebrated, not tolerated.


I’ve gone a long time not feeling like I was celebrated or that my uniqueness was something that people really loved about me. I felt like they just put up with my existence merely because it was convenient or comfortable for them at the time. Mind you, I don’t feel this way around everyone; there are about a handful of people that I know love me for who I am and who I’m not.

I know that no matter what, they’ll celebrate who I am, who I’m not, and who I’m becoming. However, when you’re trying to find your own version of success and happiness, you’re going to meet a lot of different people. At least some of them need to be the ones you fly to when you feel like an all natural freak. You need those people that understand your craziness because they share in it. It’s essential to one’s mental health and sanity to be around people that get why you love to dance in a hula hoop, why you have to buy a specific brand of peppercorn, what the big deal is with hikes and camping and nature, and the serenity that comes with laying a brush to a canvas or a sketch pencil to paper. You also need those people that get why you love to travel and why there’s nowhere you’d rather be than onto the next destination, no matter where in the world it may take you.


Everyone needs to feel understood and feel like they belong. It is good to be around people that are different because it broadens your perspective, but also, you need people that are like you for your sake. Trust me… I’ve learned from experience that it’s not good to be around people that don’t understand you all the time. They end up not allowing you to be yourself, which makes you feel constrained, which ends up making you a grouchy witch of a person… which really isn’t you at all.

My pastor also would say “When you’re surrounded by the right people, the best in you lives and the worst in you dies.” Conversely, when you’re around the wrong people, the worst in you comes to life and it hungrily and viciously devours the best parts of your being (I may have paraphrased).


What I’m trying to say is… this has been one of those years. This was a year where I felt like the best in me was dying. Just like a plant in the wrong environment, I was starting to wither. Through a series of circumstances, I was plucked out of that which probably would’ve destroyed all that was left of me. It looked bad at first, but I thank God. I got a chance to reinvent myself… or rather, rediscover myself. Celebrate that which people and circumstances tried to kill; the best in me.

So this shall be the theme of my year up until I turn 30, and a theme that I shall carry on. I’ve been doing so here and there by dipping into things that I love. Like art; I’ve always been interested in art. I got a membership to my local art museum, and I went to something called Paint Nite. Basically, local bars host an event where a bunch of you learn to paint a painting.

This was mine; isn’t it pretty?


Even though it doesn’t look like the original painting, who cares? The beauty of art is how you choose to interpret it. I enjoyed the process of creating this painting. This is something that I would like to dive into more. My hope is that when I keep celebrating my good traits and qualities, I’ll be able to meet more like-minded people.

Birthday or not, it’s another day given to celebrate you! Celebrate on!


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