Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes

I think the first line that I would blurt out of my mouth is this: 

I don’t understand why people aren’t more in touch with their food. 

Sometimes, when you watch different cooking shows, you see people doing different things with instruments instead of using the best two instruments endowed to you by the good Lord in heaven. There are now bread machines where you really don’t even have to touch any of the ingredients; you dump the amount of flour, yeast, water and salt into your bowl, set the machine, and you have bread! People are encouraged to combine and mix things together with spoons, spatulas, and other implements that help one to forego the use of their hands. If you do see someone using their hands, they cover them with (gasp!) gloves!

Granted, some things are way too hot or too cold to be able to use your hands effectively… but for certain applications, I really can’t tell if something is done just by looking at it or trusting a machine. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love working with different doughs, and feeling what it’s like when it’s smooth under your hands. I like that weird squishy feeling when you’re putting crème fraîche into dough to make pâte brisée. I like cutting the fat into the flour by using your fingers. I also like to touch pasta or poke at a quiche when it comes out of the oven so that I know it’s done. I honestly relate to and understand food better when I’m touching it in some way… whether it be with my fingers or my tongue, feeling its texture and getting the taste. I also like to form cookies with my hands or touch cake batter between my fingers. Food makes more sense to me that way… and if you’re honest with yourself, it’s fun to lick the excess of your fingers and palms.

So, you see, people should be more in touch with their food; it’s only natural! One of the first sensations that we experience as babies is touch. If you notice, kids and babies touch everything… especially things they aren’t supposed to touch. Even putting it in their mouth is a form of touching. It just helps them understand the world around them. I think if you want to connect with your meals even more, touch them! Literally! 

that is all.

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