Quick Post: I love it when…

I make a man blush or when I see a man blush.

You see, I get very nervous around men because I’m mostly afraid of them. I’m afraid because I’ve experienced some sexual abuse, sexual harassment by the fathers of a couple of my friends, and I’ve been hurt on an emotional level by the opposite sex. Sadly, I tend to associate interactions with the opposite sex with pain. I think this has, in some ways, made me not see men as people.

I know it’s silly and horrible, because not all men are like that. Not all men will hurt you on purpose. Not all men are as sex crazed as women are taught that they are, or that even men are taught that they should be. In fact, some men will protect and defend any woman that an abusive and sex-crazed man would dare to violate… and she doesn’t even have to be a daughter, mother, or sister. She could be just a friend, and I’ve seen men more than willing to dole out a can of butt kick on anyone that dare hurt a woman.

So, to me, a man being nervous or showing timidity in any way doesn’t compute in my head… until I see that redness creep from his ears to his cheeks, and spread fully across his face. To me, that makes a man more human than if he curses if he drops something on his foot, or if he picks his nose when he thinks no one is looking.

Blushing is something I’m all too familiar with; I get nervous all the time! If I’m attracted to a man or think a man is attracted to me, I blush instantly… and I’m not dark skinned, so you’ll know if I’m blushing. If a man blushes, especially in front of me, it makes him all the more endearing, and human. He feels that nervousness that would create a blush on his face. If he blushes because of me, part of me rejoices and says “Thank God!” It means that I don’t have to be the only one that’s feeling timid; he feels that, too.

I don’t have to be brave all by myself; we can be scared together.

Sometimes it doesn’t have a thing to do with being nervous; I’ve found that the easiest way to make a really good man blush is to compliment him.

I remember once I was in a corner store, and there was this attractive, well dressed man standing in front of me in line. I told him that I liked his shirt, and he thanked me. I even went on to say that the rest of him didn’t look so bad either. Well, he blushed from ear to ear, and managed to mumble a “thank you” to me.

no lie, that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. That was like 7 years ago, and I still remember that. It was one of those wonderful days where I didn’t necessarily connect with a man, but with another human. Men are human, after all. 🙂

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