Daily Prompt: Learning style

my learning style varies by a lot. I’ve taken several tests over the years, and they all have shown me things about not just the way I learn, but about the kind of person I am.

If I’m learning music, I learn by ear. Honestly, it does little to nothing for me to sit sheet music in front of me. I can technically read it, but it’s difficult for me to get the feel of the music just by reading notes and symbols on a page. Now, if I listen to it, not only can I play it back within 30 minutes, I could probably: write out the proper notes, where the rests go, and what count it’s being played in. I did this when I was younger. I’ve learned every instrument I’ve ever played by ear.

If I’m learning a language, this one is really gonna get you: I learn it visually, or by reading. If I listen to it, I can get what the dialect sounds like… but I actually learn it by reading it. What’s really hilarious is that I can learn music by ear, but not language because my listening comprehension doesn’t seem to be as good then.
Yeah, I know. I don’t get it it, either. I just roll with it. One of my best subjects in school was always foreign language. I took one or two honours classes in French when I was in high school, and I took a beginners Spanish class along with French my senior year. Learning Spanish took no effort because: (1) I had been taking French since I was 10, and (2) language is my strong suit.

Most other things that I learn, especially like concepts, recipes, or how to quilt… I learn them by seeing and doing, and I’ll learn it quickly. I have to interact with it in some form to gain understanding. Especially with something like quilting or crocheting, for example, I can’t understand how to do it by reading about it. I need to see someone do it, then do it myself.

I also discovered that I’m excellent with taking directions when it comes to finding a place. I can go off of route numbers and street names, and get to the destination. I can go to a place once or twice, and remember how to get there again without any aid. I have no idea how my brain recalls this information, but it does… especially if the route is straight forward.

So… having said that, I have a few different learning styles. I’ve discovered that I’ll employ different ones with different situations without realizing I’m doing it. If you ask me, though, I’ll probably tell you that I’m a visual learner. The truth is, I’m a visual, tactile, and audio learner. It depends on the situation.