Daily Prompt: Unexpected

I went back to my job after having called out sick Monday and having had the day off Tuesday. It was now Wednesday, and I was on a round of antibiotics. I remembered that there was a project that I was supposed to do before I left, but I didn’t do on Monday, the day that I was supposed to be there.

I went to go do said project, and I was called into the office. “Well, maybe there’s something they need me to do”, I thought. Miss B was sitting in the office when I walked in as well as Mr. M. “Just one moment, I’ll be right back,” said Mr. M, and he swiftly walked out. “Okay, well  will this take long? I’d like to finish what I’m doing”, I said. “No, I need you to wait here,” Miss B said very quickly. It wasn’t unusual for her to be short, but the tone of this was strange. What was going on here?

Just as quickly as Mr. M left, he was back with a paper in his hand. They asked me to sit down. What the heck is about to happen?

“Well, we brought you in because this is a termination; you’ve had too many call outs.”

For a second, it didn’t register. I was being fired. I’ve been fired from jobs before, but not because I actually deserved to be fired. Moreover… I wasn’t feeling completely upset. What was this strange emotion? Like a giddiness? Joy? Relief? Am I supposed to feel this way when being fired?

I honestly can’t tell you the rest of what was said, because my mind was racing a little bit. I had been with the company for nearly 4.5 years, and at my new location for 1.5 years… and it was being cut off just like that. It was strange; I had only been working full time for 1.5 years, and now, I wasn’t going to be working anywhere. That was a strange mental adjustment to make, but if I hadn’t felt the need to keep my cool, I would’ve screamed with joy and elation! I felt like I was being released from a prison sentence, and had every inclination to dance to my locker, clear it out, and skip my way out of the doors. Outwardly, I did a lot of nodding.

I left just as soon as I had come, slightly pissed that they couldn’t have just told me not to come in; it’s not like I drove there. I commuted for about an hour and had to transfer lines, only to work for less than an hour because I was being let go. Other than that, I swiftly made my way out of the store so I didn’t have to answer anyone’s questions; I was feeling weird about it, and slightly embarrassed. In other words, I was in no mood to explain what happened.

I walked home that day from the trolley stop, and my mom saw me as she was riding past in the opposite direction. I told her I had gotten fired. I think in some way, she was glad for me; she knows how much life the job had taken from me. Plus, she saw that I wasn’t upset, so she didn’t make a fuss over it.

There was only one thing that I could think to do at a time like this: I grabbed my laptop, speakers, and hula hoop, and did something that I hadn’t had the time to do for a while. I turned up the tunes, and I hoop danced in my back yard. In my mind, being fired was cause to celebrate; I might have lost a job, but I got my life back. I’ve been nothing but grateful for that.

When my mom pulled back into the driveway, she saw me hoop dancing and twirling in the backyard to the music. I’m sure she probably smirked. I had just lost a full time job with health benefits, vacation time, and a 401(k)… and here I was hoop dancing in the back yard, without a care in the world. It’s the first time I felt like I hadn’t had a care in over a year. When your daughter tells you that she got sacked, and you come home to find her dancing, what do you say? This was her response:

“Well don’t look so broken up about it”.

I also cooked everything in the house while listening to “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang. I should have been upset, but being fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a really good day.

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