The Rice Kick

For about the past week or so, I find myself in a weird place where I’m not craving or wanting much of anything. It’s a precarious position to find yourself in when you have a food blog! However, I’ve been eating a LOT of rice!  That is the one thing that I can say that I’ve been craving. I didn’t realize how much of it I had been eating until my mom looked at me the other day, and said: “You need to eat more than rice.”

She’s right, of course… but I really haven’t wanted anything else. I don’t know how to explain this. I wonder how long I would’ve just kept eating rice if my mom hadn’t been there to say something to me.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been in a food rut because of money, or because I’ve had a lot on my mind which was causing some stomach upset… but I’ve been eating rice like it’s going out of style. Specifically, though, I’ve been eating a lot of basmati rice, with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt. Whenever I have an upset stomach, I reach for a bowl of rice because I think of the BRAT diet, which involves rice.

Other times, I wonder if it’s one way of escaping into my fantasies of being a vegetarian. The only reason I haven’t become one yet is because I don’t want to hear my mom. She’s very old school about the idea of needing protein (meat, in other words) on a plate; plus, she’s a mom and she worries about me. I’m so passive when it comes to this, that I just don’t bother trying to say anything. Just one of many things I’m passive about, I guess.

So… you should’ve seen the way mom looked at me when I was cooking rice yet again. This time, though, I had an alibi. “It’s for fried rice”, I said, which was true. Now I got this fried rice recipe from Video Jug, but it’s now on Youtube… aaaaand, here’s your link!

To start out, you (obviously) need rice. A long grain rice is good. The recipe says it should be day old rice or that it should be refrigerated, but I’ve done this plenty of times with rice I had just cooked. I think they ask for it to be refrigerated because it’s more likely to keep its shape and not turn to mush with all of the mixing required. Trust me, though… you can get away with just cooked rice if you’re feeling impatient. Or… if you have white rice from old chinese take-out, you can use it for this! Don’t throw it away! Save the rice!

Next, you’ll need: 2 beaten eggs, 2 garlic cloves (either minced or put through a garlic press), frozen peas, shaved carrot, soy sauce and oyster sauce… and a little pepper to taste. Note: You can use garlic powder in a pinch, but I don’t recommend it. I tried it, and I think you can taste the garlic flavor in this dish a little more if the garlic is fresh. Oh! and you need scallions! I always forget about those, and I forgot them this time, too. Whoops! Oh well, it was still tasty, and my sister tore it up, so I suppose it was all right.

Heat your wok on medium high heat, and put in some oil. Beat the eggs and put them in. Mix them as they cook so you make a scrambled egg. Make sure you break the egg up with a spoon so you don’t have an egg omelet in there. You want your egg evenly distributed. Once it’s all broken up and has cooked, add a bit more oil and the garlic. Add a decent amount because you’re going to add the rice soon after. Mix around until fragrant, then add the rice.


Look at how lumpy that is… oh my. I like lumps in my rice just as much as the next person, but I suggest breaking them up. It you don’t, you’ll bite into it unpleasantly surprised by how cold the inside is.

Stir your rice, and after it’s all heated through (takes a couple of minutes or whenever it’s warm/hot to touch), add in the frozen peas and the shredded carrots. Heat those through (another couple of minutes), then add your sauces. I may have measured it the first time around, but I haven’t measured it thereafter. Just be sure that your ratio of oyster sauce to soy sauce is 2:1.

By the way, if any of yous finds a good trick to get oyster sauce out of the bottle, PLEASE help a sista out. I have a harder time getting that stuff out of a bottle than getting ketchup out of those glass bottles at diners. At least with the latter, when the air gets in there, the ketchup will flow out. This apparently doesn’t work with oyster sauce. I even used a knife on the stuff!

Get your sauces in and stir thoroughly. Add pepper and mix it in. Taste to see if you need more oyster sauce or pepper, according to your personal taste. If you’re not like me and you remembered the scallions, add your chopped scallion in at this time and cut the heat.

You’re done!


Next time you get on a rice kick and want to mix things up a bit, try this recipe. Let me know how it works for you!

Ciao 4 now!