Daily Post: Random act of kindness

My first year of college, I lucked out big time. While most people wouldn’t refer to living in the basement of the dorm as “lucking out”, I had the biggest room in the dorms and shared it with only one other person. The other awesome thing was that my room was right across from the laundry room! How sweet is that?!

I don’t know if any of you go to a laundromat, but using a laundry room in a college dorm is something like that, but with competition added. There are a couple hundred of you in one building using only about 5 washer & 5 dryer units, and there are 3 floors to this building besides the basement floor. It gets deep! Sometimes people had the nasty habit of throwing the wet clothes or half dried clothes on top of the washer so they could use it. Lord forbid this should happen while you’re in class all day! You’ll be the unfortunate recipient of moldy-smelling laundry!

It’s bad enough that in college, you have to endure sleeplessness, bad food, competition in classes and obnoxious neighbors! Now you have to have possibly molded laundry on top of all this?

That’s when I decided to take on a role.

Since my room was right across from the laundry room, I made a small decision. If I needed a washer machine, I would take it upon myself to look for a dryer to put the person’s clothing in. When one was found, I would leave a note letting that person know where to find their clothes. If I needed a dryer and one had finished the cycle, I looked in to see if the clothing was done first. If it wasn’t done, I put it through again. If it was done, I took the clothes out and neatly folded them on top of the dryer from which they came. That way, the person could find their drawers.

I had adopted a small mission: I made myself the dorm’s laundry fairy. I wasn’t the only one because I’ve been the lucky recipient of folded laundry on days where I had been at classes and practices all day. It was nice, though, to do good to someone else. I’m also glad to know that I wasn’t the only one that had the same prompting.

I think the best part of doing it was when the person would walk in after you had folded their laundry, and they would be completely surprised, and look around the laundry room, wondering whom they should thank. I would silently grin and keep tending to my own laundry (or to someone else’s). I even folded drawers. I liked doing the mens more because they weren’t quite as small as women’s; therefore, you could avoid touching the crotch all together. One guy caught me folding his drawers. He was shocked and kept thanking me. I said it was no problem.

There was another time where I apparently got caught in the act of doing good. I don’t know the particulars, but I received a surprise in return. I went out of my room only to discover a note on the white board on my door. It simply read “Thank you laundry fairy.” Random acts of kindness aren’t for what you get out of them, but I appreciated being appreciated for what I was doing. I did it for the rest of the year.

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