A small writing assignment

I saw this list on Pinterest, and I just knew that it had to be an entry. I plan to write on one each day until I’ve exhausted the list. Call it a “Daily Prompt” assignment of sorts. Being happy is one thing that I’ve always wanted, and there’s many ways to define being happy. Even this list may not contain all of those ways… but I’m sure that this is the start to a pathway to happiness. I’m not so sure that there’s only one way to be happy. I think happiness means many things to different people. In other words, there’s a lot of pathways, but we all seem to want to reach that same destination. If one way isn’t working, try another way. You might find happiness in the way that you didn’t expect to. One should definitely be open minded when it comes to “the pursuit of happiness”, as it were.

So… I’m hoping that doing this will: 1. help me to actually follow through with something, and 2. help me figure out what route to take to pursue happiness… or at least see it in places where I may have initially not recognized it.

If anyone wants to jump in on this… whether you do the whole list or just choose one that intrigues you, feel free!

In the meantime, as for this girl… this year, I’m going to be happy and figure out what that means to me.


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