Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

Well… after screaming, thanking the Lord in the midst of that screaming, running around the house, and doing a serious praise dance, this is what I’d do…

Pay off my debts. I do have some college debts, but it really would be a mere fraction of the money. My college debt is only about ¼ of the debt that other college graduates incur… if it’s even that much. I may not have even had that much if I hadn’t gone to cooking school. I don’t regret this, though.

Anyway, after having paid off that debt, I would pursue every single interest that has been held up in me because I thought I didn’t have enough money to do it. The person I would be is the person I would want to be if I wasn’t me already.

I would hotly pursue dance, acting, circus arts, and all manner of performing because it’s what I love and it’s who I am. I love it just as much as (if not more than) I love food. It’s the core of me. I would also be a part time hoop dance instructor. I love hoop dancing and how it makes me feel; I would love to spread that love. Wherever it takes me makes no difference; the world would be my home. I know that sounds so cliché and corny, but I have a wandering heart. I love to travel and I would let my free spirit “Roam”. The B-52s had the right idea on that one.

I would also give the way that I’ve always wanted to give. I would give to: my church, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Make A Wish Foundation… anything that helps ill children and their families, and gives them a spot of joy in a tough situation. I would also be one of those people that gives absurdly large amounts of money to the bell ringers from the Salvation Army during Christmas. Whenever I walk past them, I have to put something in. I don’t understand how people can walk past them, know they have a little something, and don’t give it. I would give going into the store and coming out; heck, that’s what I do now! The amount would be bigger, that’s all. My heart is soft when it comes to giving to people that really need something; I know what that feels like to some extent… and there are people that have had it worse than I’ve ever experienced. If there’s any way that I can lighten that load… if I have it within my power to help a little bit and I don’t do it, then I’m wrong. I refuse to not do the little bit that I can to help someone.

Maybe I’d start a foundation, too. Something that can live on once I’m dead and gone. I don’t want to necessarily do this so that I can be seen as someone great; I want to do it because I want to know that goodness can continue to be perpetuated and help generations of people that come after me. I want to create a legacy. I have no idea how to do that other than to start a foundation. It would be for kids and kids at heart. It would be for people that have had dreams, but never thought they were possible to achieve. I want to be that voice that tells them it’s not impossible, it’s not too late and you’re not too old! If you’re still living and have breath in your body, you still have time to live some of that dream!

I’m glad that I’m starting to realize that, and I’m starting to find people and ways to start living my dreams. Not everyone is so lucky. If you get around the wrong people, they can kill your dreams and make you think that you’re crazy. Sometimes it isn’t that your dream is too much or can’t be done; you just need the right kind of people to help you get there. I want to be at least one of those people that helps someone live their dream… that person that says “I believe in you and what you want to accomplish.” It’s not impossible no matter how things look.

If I had a billion dollars, that’s what I would do. A billion dollars is only the start, though. I would want my money to keep making money and multiply itself. For everything that I want to do, the money has to keep flowing, and I have to invest in myself… so that’s what I would do. Sow into myself first, then sow into the dreams and lives of others.

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