How To Be Happy: Smile As Much As Possible

The ingredients I use to keep a smile on my face:

  • snow
  • a good book
  • Disney movies
  • catching up with good friends
  • favourite TV shows. I really love cartoons. Some shows I like are: The Golden Girls, Fraiser, Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Phineas and Ferb, cooking shows, travel shows, Mythbusters…
  • a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate
  • walks in brisk fall weather
  • warm blankets to snuggle in
  • a spin in the hula hoop
  • impromptu dance parties (especially if it involves dancing badly)
  • Christmas lights and Christmas trees
  • doodling
  • watching Bob Ross
  • journaling
  • splashing in rain puddles
  • sneak attacks involving snow balls
  • a new pair of shoes
  • summer dresses
  • daydreaming
  • making friends in long lines at a store
  • helping people
  • giving gifts
  • listening to the rain
  • wandering around–whether it’s in an art museum, clothing store, or downtown, this is always fun and sure to make me smile
  • eating good food, even if it’s just a BLT
  • dining alone
  • making people laugh
  • playing with a small person
  • taking pictures
  • coloring
  • puns
  • penguins

There are a LOT more, but these are the ones that I thought of now. If any of you have ever made a dump cake, dump as many of these ingredients as possible into your day, and be generous with them. Keep a look out for some surprise ingredients that may cause you to smile… and add them to your list.

Smiles are mysterious, because they’re surprisingly easy to do, yet they have a healing property of sorts. Smiling, like a yawn or a flu bug, is a contagious thing. The only thing better than making yourself smile is when you can make someone else smile.

Spread the smiles today.

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