How To Be Happy: Watch The Sunset

When I was in college, I watched more sunrises than sunsets. There was one particular moment I recall where I was with a bunch of friends, and we got captivated by the sunset. We stopped in the middle of our trek to the dining center to look at the beauty of the sunset.

One of my friends during this moment said 3 words that I think are totally applicable to observing things like sunsets:

“Pause. Appreciate. Move on.”

Sunsets are a beautiful thing. Something about looking at the colours is soothing and therapeutic. You can’t always see a rainbow because you can only see them under certain conditions. Sunsets need no special conditions to be seen, and they can be just as beautiful as a rainbow. When watching a sunset, stress and worries of the day just melt away as you quietly observe its captivating beauty.

I also think that there’s something prophetic in sunsets. Some people think of sunsets as something ending. Sure, it’s the end of the day, but think of it like this: every mistake and every bad moment goes away with the setting of the sun, and is buried in the dark of the night. If you had a bad day, thank the Lord for the sunset. When the sun sets, the day is over and buried. You never have to see THAT day again. This can be good or bad, but look at days ending as a good thing, even if the day was a good one. When the sun rises upon the earth today, it’s like a reset button. You get a new chance to see another awesome day, or to get the chance to see an awesome day if the previous day was rubbish.

Appreciate sunsets; they’re beautiful and wonderful… and there is much comfort in knowing that things can only get better once the sun sets on this day.

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