How To Be Happy: Listen To Great Music

This is kind of subjective. The way I define great music is music that makes me want to dance or sing… it’s amazing music if it makes me do both at the same time, with a can of hair spray in hand that I use as a microphone.

don’t hate and act like you’ve never done that! I know you have! If it wasn’t hair spray, it was deodorant, a writing utensil, body spray… we’ve all had that rock star moment.

Although there are many songs that have made me feel like this, the artist that consistently unleashes my inner rock star is the all mighty Tevin Campbell. No matter what song it is, if it’s him singing it, I’ve got the body spray in my hand and I’m belting out the song with him before I even realize what I’m doing. I’ve made it a note to only play his stuff at full blast when no one’s home. Even though my family already knows I’m crazy, it’s best to keep some crazy to yourself.

However you define “great music”, listen to it often. Great music has the ability to: motivate you, help you through tough times, relax you, and (if you’re listening to Tevin), unleash your inner rock star!

Take the time to rock out to great music; let it move you, soothe you, and amuse you. You deserve it and you’ll thank yourself later.

Listen on, music lovers… and dance on 🙂

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