Daily Prompt: Simply The Best

As a writer and a generally creative person, I’m always thinking. There are crazy thoughts, images, and ideas that constantly come across my mind. I must say though, that I do my best thinking when I’m in Starbucks, in my room, or a bookstore of some sort. Not just any bookstore, though; it has to be one of those ones where you can sit and lounge. I used to like going to Borders a lot to get homework done, but sometimes my mind would start wandering from my assignment, and I would begin to think.

I always think of Gaston in Beauty and The Beast:

Gaston: Le fou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking.

Le Fou: A dangerous past time…

Gaston: I know…

It’s in this vacuum of time and space that leaves me room to think, and while some of the ideas are actually pretty good and useful, others of them are just proof that it’s not good to stay in your own head so much. It was in one of those times that I considered having a trophy husband, even though I can’t afford one. I also thought of useful things, like good story ideas, or the next adventure that I’m going to take.

Maybe it’s the coffee aroma that gets the brain juices flowing. Whatever the reason, I’ve gotten some of my best ideas there. I even do my best bible reading at Starbucks. I got into the habit of doing this 3 or 4 years ago, and it’s been working wonders! It could also be because studying anything in your bed (whether God’s word or otherwise) never works out well. The study session normally morphs its way into a nap. When at Starbucks, something about sitting here to concentrate on different stories and concepts in the bible has been a great help to me. So it’s something that I’ll continue doing. This isn’t to say that I haven’t come up with some zany ideas about the stories that I’ve read… but I was reading, and enjoying myself (much to the amusement of others around me).

Whenever I’m in need of a good idea, a time to get work done, or sometimes inspiration for a blog, I go straight to Starbucks. I know from there all my best ideas flow.

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