How To Be Happy: Learn From Your Mistakes

“Mistakes are the portal to discovery.” ~James Joyce (1882-1941)

When viewed in the proper manner, a mistake can make a great teaching tool. They give great insight and revelation that can be applied and used in the future. Here are some things that I’ve discovered:

  • saving money is ALWAYS a good idea
  • never bake at 4am when you’ve been awake for any length of time over 24 hours (I wrote an entry about this)
  • conversely, do not bake late and rush through the recipe. You’ll inevitably do something stupid and waste good eggs along the way.
  • do not stay awake for over 24 hour or attempt to drive, do math, study, or anything that will exert more energy than you actually have. this can be dangerous. results vary, but it’s never a good idea. definitely don’t drive. or do math.
  • getting the right amount of sleep is always a good idea
  • little activity+lots of butter=tight pants
  • if a friend is constantly gossiping to you about other people, she’s probably gossiping about you as well, but to someone else. mind your distance from that sort of a person.
  • Maya Angelou said this one best: “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
  • 95% of the time, you get what you pay for.
  • not all criticism is meant to harm; keep your ears open and don’t take yourself so seriously. you just might learn something.
  • trying new things keeps you from losing your mind, and it makes you an interesting person to be around.
  • any and all dreams can be achieved; you just need a plan of action, and you need to stick to that plan of action to get to where you want to go. you can get there if you keep at it and don’t give up.
  • people are helpful and resourceful. be friendly and make plenty of friends. they might be able to help you down the road.
  • when someone you know loses a loved one, no words can truly be adequate to comfort the person. just be as supportive as you can, and be armed with lots of hugs.
  • my pastor once said that “people that aren’t meant to be in your life can’t stay, and those that are meant to be in your life can’t leave.” I have definitely experienced this personally. I’m going to add to this thought: if people that are meant to stick around in your life do leave, they will make a round trip right back into your life. welcome them with open arms.

Some lessons will be silly and some more serious, but take them in and learn them all… and glean what you can from each of your experiences.

that is all.

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