How To Be Happy: Eat Ice Cream In Summer

When I looked at this, I kind of understood what it was saying, but I also had a problem with it. Why should the joy of eating ice cream be restricted to only one season? Shoot, it’s not like ice cream is only sold one season out of the year! There are many ice cream parlors that stay open all year round, and ice cream is readily available in your local grocery store! And… if you’re REALLY lucky, you own your own ice cream maker.

The heck with only having ice cream one time of the year; the goodness of ice cream should be enjoyed all year round!

If you’re like most people polled on their favourite season, you say that you like summer. It conjures up reveries of not being in school all day, running around in sprinklers, beach trips, and, of course, eating loads of ice cream. Whether you go to an ice cream parlor or chase down Mr. Softee, ice cream is still seen as a summer thing. I know I’ve chased down Mr. Softee plenty of times. I remember that I was napping once because it was too hot to do anything. As I was in that state of almost dozing off, I heard the tinkling music. For those of you that are familiar with the ice cream truck and the music that blares from the bullhorn, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I shook my head for a moment and struggled to open my eyes. “Ice cream?” I murmured.

I stumbled out of the bed I was sleeping in and made my way to the window. I looked out only to see Mr. Softee at the end of the street, about to turn the corner. Just then, a wind hit me. I grabbed my little bit of ice cream money, practically jumped down the stairs, and flew out of my Nana’s front door, and went sprinting like a crazy child down the street with no shoes on.

Did I catch him? Well, I’ll leave the conclusion up to you.

Even President Ronald Reagan recognized the awesomeness of ice cream. I’m sure he enjoyed plenty a cone in his day. In fact, he thought highly enough of ice cream to give it its own month; smack dab in the middle of summer. That’s right; if you look it up, you’ll find that President Reagan ear marked the month of July as National Ice Cream month.

Though most people really like having ice cream in the summer, it’s not the only time my family enjoys it. Before my Nana started having issues with lactose intolerance, ice cream was always in her house. Warm or cold, summer or winter, ice cream was always there. I think this is something that we’ve adopted in our house, too. It’s now January and the weather has been bitter cold this side of the Atlantic lately… yet there is ice cream in our freezer right now. I’ve even enjoyed a couple of scoops. Maybe because it does conjure up visions of summer… or it could be just because I like it and was in the mood for it.

Whatever the reason (as if one was really necessary), enjoy your ice cream in summer. Or winter. Or whenever you so choose.

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