How To Be Happy: Build A Snow Fort

Now for this one, you totally need snow, which means you will most likely be doing this in winter. If your winters don’t get cold enough for snow, you need to find someone whose winters do get cold enough. Trust me, it’s worth braving the cold to have a snowball fight at least once in your life.

For those of you that have never engaged in a snowball fight, here’s a fun video that goes over the basics:

To be truthful, I’ve never built a snow fort; my friends and I always went at it, and threw snow at each other (or tackled each other in snow) until we were exhausted.

I remember one time I went over a friend’s house to study–and by study, I mean that we totally had a snowball fight on a snow day. Her boyfriend at that time was over, and we took a glance out the window at the snow. Well, once you do that, for any snow lover, that’s all the incentive needed to forego everything you’re supposed to do. The snow calls out to you, and demands that you play in it.

I didn’t have real snow clothes at the time, but my friend was gracious enough to let me borrow a layer so that all 3 of us could go out. We threw snow at each other and had a grand old time; no snow fort necessary! He told me how to make an awesome snow ball, and I used that info against him. He picked Nicole up, whom was laughing hysterically, and threw her into a snow drift. It was the best snowball fight that I’ve ever had.

Afterward, we went back in the house to warm up and watch a movie. Thoroughly worn out, my friend sat on her boyfriend’s lap, and passed out about 30 minutes into the movie. I think I went home shortly after she went to sleep. I’d say it was a productive day.

One of these days, I’ll have the patience to make a snow fort. I always wanted it to snow enough so that I could make something akin to an igloo. I always thought it would be fun to actually be in the snow, and pretend to be an eskimo. I guess I’ll have to travel to someone else’s winter for that one; winters where I am don’t typically have a ton of snow… unless it’s some kind of year.

Even if you don’t like cold or snow, do this at least once if you already haven’t. Here’s a snow lover’s tip: it’s always fun to ambush your loved ones that are in the house with snowballs. I’ve done this once or twice in college. Best time EVER.

Be a snow lover, if not just for a little while. It might make you cold, but destroying your afternoon enemy in a snowball battle will definitely make you happy. 

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