How To Be Happy: Epilogue

And so ends my mini writing assignment.

I should have finished 2-3 days earlier, but I forgot to do a couple of the days.


But I won’t beat myself up for that. The whole point of the assignment was for it to be fun, and I had great fun writing each of these entries. They definitely gave me inspiration for something to write, which is something we sometimes search for as bloggers. I also wanted to be happier this year, and I was hoping that this writing assignment would be a rough guide on how to do so.

There were definitely some of these prompts that I was eager to write about, some that had me stuck, and others that were easy to write about. For the most part, though, I think all of the ones in which I wrote an anecdote had me smiling as I wrote them. Memories were being dragged up that I had forgotten about!

Overall, I’d say the experience was fun. It gave me a little ammunition for ways to be a happier me. I’ll have to remember these entries later for when I need a little pick-me-up. Personally, I think there should’ve been a suggestion on there about dancing, but I won’t get into that. I enjoyed the assignment.

and now… it’ll be back to my regularly scheduled writing, until I find something else that captures my interest. If any of you are interested in what exactly I’m referring to, here’s that list again:

Feel free to pick one off the list that you like and write about it! You just might find a new way to make yourself happy.

Ciao 4 now!

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