How To Be Happy: Live Up To Your Expectations

As a kid, I’m pretty sure I started out with expectations. My expectation was to have a husband and children. I think that was my main expectation for my life as a small child. I also expected to go to France when I was a child.

I’ve been fortunate enough to go to France twice; however, that whole husband and children thing continues to elude my grasp. I can’t even land a decent boyfriend! So I left that one alone and focused on other things.

I graduate high school, and went to college in hopes of graduating college… and actually, that didn’t happen. After failing out of college (yes, I failed out), I had no expectations, but I knew I liked food. Living in denial, I decided to just work until I figured out what I wanted to do with myself. I went to cooking school 8 months later. When I went, I expected to be an amazing executive chef. I soon found out that working in a kitchen maybe wasn’t for me. As fond as I was of food, I knew I wasn’t about the life that comes with working in a kitchen… so again, I had to reroute… and also face the criticism that came from people that expected me to be an executive chef at a restaurant or at least open my own restaurant (which I really had no desire to do. I didn’t know what I would do as a concept nor menu to open my own restaurant).

After cooking school, I had to figure out what to do… but in the midst of all that, I had forgotten what was really important! Living up to my expectations doesn’t mean getting the best job; it means living your dreams, which is usually based off of who you are and what you like. In doing what most call “soul searching”, I figured out who I am and what I like. Or, rather, rediscovered myself. I always liked performing and being on a stage despite the fact that I was (and still can be) very shy. When I’m on a stage performing (whether it be acting, dancing, singing, or something of that nature), I liked that rush that comes with it.

There are also other things that I like, but I’ve decided to keep my expectations to a yearly thing. This year, I expect to: go to a ball, get trained for acting during the summer, and go to Morocco in September… and it actually looks like everything will be possible for me to do this year! While it is good to have these “things” to do, the most important thing I can do in living up to my expectations is to be 100% true to myself, and not do things just to do them. I want to be the most awesome flower-child-granola-girl that I can be. While I do want to be an actress, I don’t expect to be on the silver screen coming out the gate.

For a while, I didn’t expect much of myself because of all my failures to do things that I thought I should be doing. No more, though; I’m going to expect to live an awesome life in the way that only I can define it. If I live this way, I can expect to live a life in which I have no regrets, and ultimately, make no apologies for the way I’ve been living.

What you expect to happen will happen, and that can apply to anything. Expect things to be awesome, and they will.

Expect great things.

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