My ripped jeans

How I actually came upon my ripped jeans and how they became my wardrobe staple is quite the story. It’s not because it ‘s all that interesting, but it’s quite the story because of how I felt about ripped jeans before I ever owned a pair. Even though I was a young person, I couldn’t fathom in the depths of my brain why someone would pay for something that’s damaged! We’re not just talking a little bit of money, either. If you’re looking for a good pair of ripped jeans that fit well and have that worn in feel, you’ll be spending $50+! To me, that was a ridiculous amount to pay for jeans that had holes and appeared to be worn down… if you were going to waste money on such a thing at all!

That’s how I used to feel… until I tried on my first pair.

Sometime in 2012, I had started working full time, and I had a day off and a day to myself. I decided to walk into town and check out my favourite consignment shop. I had recently become 20 lbs lighter, and was in the market for a new pair of jeans; the one pair I had didn’t fit, for they were now 3 or 4 sizes too large. They were supposed to be skinny jeans, and they were baggy on me. Yep, it was time to look around.

I walked in and said hi to the woman that works there. I know her pretty well because I’m there often enough, and she’s a very friendly and sweet soul. As I perused through, I saw a nice pair of jeans that I thought might fit my new size. They were about a medium wash and felt pretty soft, not too stiff. Immediately, I went to try them on.

As I got into the dressing room and put a foot in, I found that my foot was going into a hole that I thought was too big. Turned out it did; there was a hole in the knee of the jeans. I had looked at them from the back, where there are no holes. I was slightly annoyed by this, but then thought “Whatever. Let me just put them on and see how I feel.” I skeptically shoved both legs into the jeans. The fit was amazing. They felt just as comfortable (if not more comfortable) than any pair of sweatpants I’ve ever owned, but they looked better. They were ripped right at the knees, and there was some stressing up near the pockets. I kept looking at them on my body over and over, which is a sure sign that I liked them. I had to admit it: they were perfect! I promptly went to the counter and purchased them for $12.

Since then, the jeans and I have had an amazing relationship. I don’t even need a belt to wear them, which is remarkable! I’ve never had a pair of jeans that fit well enough that a belt wasn’t necessary. We were meant to find each other. I think somewhere inside, I was always a ripped jeans fan; I just needed the right pair of ripped jeans to help me see that. Boy am I glad to have seen the light; at this point, I would never consider going without ripped jeans in my wardrobe again! I had a couple of times when the weather was cold, and I missed them enough to wear them with tights underneath. However, I don’t like wearing them like this; walking is too stiff. I enjoy wearing them best in spring or fall type weather; that’s when I appreciate the ventilation in the knees.


Even people around me have noticed how well suited I am for ripped jeans! One day, I wore the jeans with a black tank top, a stone pendulum necklace, hoop earrings and flip flops. A young woman I go to church with said that outfit was 100% me. On another occasion, the jeans and I went out to brunch on a Saturday. We spent the whole day running around Philly. I was also wearing: a yellow tee shirt, my chucks, and a decorative scarf on my head. I even felt the need to do my make up that day. It was a simple outfit, but it was 100% me… and every man in Philly noticed! One guy tried to give me his seat on the el (if I wasn’t getting off on the next stop, I would’ve taken it. the guy was gorgeous!), another told me I was very beautiful (also gorgeous!), and yet another man asked me for my number. Not to mention the other men that would try to get me to stop and talk to them, and the ones in cars that would slow down and try to talk to me.

I couldn’t believe all of the attention I was getting! There’s something to sticking true to yourself when it comes to what you wear. You don’t have to say a word; if you’re wearing something that is 100% you, people notice. I guess when you know you’re wearing something that is all you, you’re most confident, and in your truest and most natural state… and it turns heads! It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing so much as how you feel wearing it. That, as I have discovered, will always be attractive.

Even though I wasn’t looking for ripped jeans and thought I would never own a pair, I have never been more in love with a pair of jeans. After work, I would come home and wear those instead of putting on sweat pants. It might be silly to say, but those beloved ripped jeans are more than just an article of clothing to me; I feel like I made a friend. They remind me of the Traveling Pants from the book “The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants”. They were the perfect pair of pants, and they fit each girl perfectly. They said the pants were magic. It was just a story… but after having met my pants, I’m starting to think that there’s truth to it.

My pants are magic, and I wonder what other adventures we’ll have together.

6 thoughts on “My ripped jeans

  1. I think the fact that you find a perfect pair of jeans was enough to let you shine. The fact that they were torn has nothing to do with it. I’m convinced that when you find an untorn pair, you get the same comments on your appearance!

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