Daily Post: Sweet Sixteen

My sweet sixteen was a blur, to be honest. I remember that it was a Friday. The only reason I remember that is because of the events that went on that day. 

It kind of went on as any normal Friday would for me; I spent all day at school from pretty much sun up until about 5pm-ish. I would be there that long for: classes, marching band practice, and volleyball practice. I was a junior that year. 

My mom picked me up from school for the little bit of time I had to be home before going back to the school for a football game that night. Since I was in marching band (in the flag squad at the time), there wasn’t much time to waste. We went to Nana’s house and I got to see my cake and blow out a candle, but I don’t remember whether I got a piece or not. I got to see my present right quick, which was a dress for a school dance. I was happy with this. 

Then I got something real to eat, and was quickly whisked back to the school in time to be ready to march out to the football field. 

So there it was. Honestly, my 16th birthday felt like a drive by… and I remember it as being one of my better birthdays. I know that’s silly, but I loved marching band at the time, and I was never one that wanted a huge fuss made about her birthday. What more could a shy girl ask for? All the important things were there at the time: cake, present, seeing family (even if it was for only an hour at most), and band. What else does a girl need but that? 

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