Daily Prompt: Predictions

On day 211 of this year, I expect to be doing 1 of 2 things:

There is an intensive that I want to attend in NYC for acting. I will be there if I take the second session. However, if I am able to gather the necessary amount of money to attend the first session, I will be home packing to go to Alaska. My mom wants to go on a cruise through Alaska this year, and she mentioned wanting to go on July 31st. I would love to accompany her, but if I’m in NYC, I won’t be able to go. I’ve been wanting to go to Alaska myself, and this would be good for sooting my travel bug until I go away in September.

However, if an audible is called and I get the travel guide job that I applied for, only the Lord knows where I’ll be. I’ll be somewhere in the United States since the tour guide that they needed was for the USA, but there’s no telling exactly where I’ll be. Either way, I have options. The only thing that’s totally sure is that I will be doing SOMETHING on July 30th, and it’ll be something that is out of the ordinary of what I normally do (which isn’t quite as exciting).

While it’s still kind of a toss up, I do have a rough idea of what I’ll be up to on that day. In a way, there’s something nice about knowing what you’ll be up to months from now. I just wish I knew what I’d be doing mere hours from now (besides working).

*sigh* Oh thee well…

If I remember by that time, I’ll have to give you all a July 30th update based off of this post. Then I can tell you for sure what has transpired.

until then, we plan and dream… and wait to see what actually happens.

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