What part of “no” did you miss?

I don’t understand what it is about me, but people don’t seem to take me seriously when I say “no” to something. I don’t understand why this is. I think if someone tells you “no”, that’s exactly what it means. You don’t then continue to harangue the person into doing what you want them to do. Respect their “no”, and go on about your life’s business.

I remember once a friend asked me about something to which I told her “no”. She didn’t take my “no” seriously, and tried to harass me. For some reason, she thought I was playing. I then got forceful, and she got her feelings hurt. I’m sure I was more forceful than I should have been, but I don’t understand why my “no” didn’t mean “no” to her. It not only hurts my feelings, but it pisses me off. Do I have to be ratched for people to take me seriously when I tell them I don’t want to do something?? As a black woman, I hate to do that. When you go there, people will dismiss you as being another black woman with a bad attitude. I am nothing like this, but folks are quick to pass that judgement on you. How do you expect a girl to behave if you tell her no, and you don’t take her seriously?? If I have to get rude, mean and forceful for you to understand that “no” is what I meant, it’s what I’ll do to protect myself and my interests.

There is someone that I know that has been trying to get me into working from home through her home business. I know what it entails, and I was never interested. The one time, I took it because I had no better offers, and I was desperate for a check. Even then, I kind of canceled the first time around. I knew I didn’t want to do it. Now, I find myself in the situation again because she keeps asking me about it. I still remain uninterested, and in my heart, my answer is still “no”. Plus, at this point, I’m working somewhere else because the training that I need to work at home doesn’t pay… and I actually like working at this new job of mine. It’ll get me doing what I want to do this year. I thought about holding onto it because I want to use the money for when I go away… but I really, really don’t want to do it at all. She also told me that she has two other people signing up to work at home from her business.

So I can safely decline this one again. I don’t know WHY I’ve had to say no three times already to this person! This “no” will be the 4th. I don’t care how much I paid to take the courses; I have no desire to do it. I never did. I said no three times. Why isn’t that enough??

I’m tired of letting people push me into things, and I’m tired of not being taken seriously. I very seldom will say no to something because I may change my mind or end up liking it when I do it… and with certain things, it takes me a long time to make a decision. However…. when I do say yes or I do say no… that’s what I mean. There is no reason I should ever have to tell someone no repeatedly to the same thing. EVER.

Please, I’m asking you. I said no once. If I say no outright, that’s exactly what I mean. Respect my “no”, and respect my decision as the final one.

that is all.

One thought on “What part of “no” did you miss?

  1. Wow….I love that you wrote this post! I too try not to be seen as that black woman with an attitude, even though it is other people that try to take you to that point by not hearing our NOs. Stay strong!

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