A Beautiful Kindness

You know, people always talk about the terrible things that are happening around us, and how selfish people can be. While this might be true, there are still good people in the world that are still doing what is right. Today, I was fortunate enough to witness an act of kindness.

I was at work today, and a woman came into the restaurant. She was an older woman with a weathered face, and she was bundled in a big purple coat and carried a back pack that was very full. She also murmured to herself. People looked at her funny, but she hung around inside to keep out of the cold. Once in a while, she would come out of her ramblings long enough to ask someone for a dollar so that she can buy a sandwich. Sadly, I didn’t have it, or I would’ve helped her out. I wondered if she was homeless, but you don’t see many homeless people in my neck of the woods.

I felt so badly for this woman; all she wanted was a sandwich. As I tried to put the situation out of my mind, I saw one of my coworkers approach her. She came to this woman and spoke softly and kindly to her. “Tell me what is is that you’d like, and I’ll pay for it.”

I know it wasn’t me doing it neither was I receiving this kindness, but my heart was touched. She must’ve given G an order because shortly thereafter, G went into the back for a moment. After she came out, the woman received what seemed to be a soup and a sandwich. I couldn’t help but smile.

I know that G will receive an act of kindness back, but I know that wasn’t why she did it. In the meanwhile, I hope that I can do something nice for her. I might not have much money, but I believe there should be reward in being kind to others… and it was something I noticed and appreciated seeing… and being able to talk about.

There is still goodness in the world and there are still good people doing wonderful things. Thank you G for perpetuating goodness to others.

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