Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

book blurb:

Have you ever worked in retail? Have you ever been a retail customer? Have you ever dealt with people in a customer service capacity before? As you know, it’s a rather rough and thankless profession, where workers do not get paid what they deserve. Working with the general public doing customer service is something that can be frustrating, taxing, and sometimes completely hilarious. If you’ve ever worked retail or have been a retail customer… this book is for you. This is a compilation of things that we, as people that work with the general public–those of us that some of you look down on–are saying about you, and wish we could say to you. You might be critiquing us, but trust that the critiques are a two-way street. Beware if you have ever been one of those difficult customers; we definitely talked about you! Furthermore, you might be one of the bad eggs mentioned in these pages!

If you’re one of the average customers or the nicer customers, this is a book of things for you to laugh at, shake your head at, and to remember the next time you go shopping.

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