No love for change… or clowns!

I think today was the day for paying in change at my job. I had at least a handful of guests pay me in change. It’s not common in any setting where someone is paying for something to use change as a legitimate tender. What makes me want to write a little bit about it is the comments that some people use in reference to change. “I gotta get rid of all this change”, they say.

I really don’t understand this because I’m an advocate for change… and by change, I mean quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.

Folks praise the almighty bill when it comes to money, but it’s that change that backs up your dollar and can add bulk to those pockets. I used to work at a place where we had a tip jar. For those of you that have ever worked such a job or have visited those places, what do you see in there the most? That’s right… the coins that put the jingle in your pockets. The tips would be pulled at the end of the night or in the middle of the day if someone had a mid shift so the tips could be split out evenly. If I worked at night, I worked with young teenage kids who cared nothing for that wonderful change. “Just give me the bills”, they’d say. This was my golden opportunity. I always happily volunteered to take the change; it always made the difference between having $2 and $6 in tips! My bank had a coin counter, so my change always went to good use.

Nowadays, I just like to save my change in a Deer Park gallon jug that I hide from my nephew. He understands the value of change, but he isn’t the only one. A woman that my mom is friends with pays as much as she can in cash so that she can get change. She’ll save all of her change over the course of a year, and that self same change becomes her spending money when she goes on her annual vacation. Bank of America is an institution that understands how precious change can be! They have a program called “Keep The Change”, which is why I banked with them for a brief stint. If you paid for something, and the dollar amount wasn’t even, they would round the amount to the nearest dollar, and that extra change amount would go to a savings account. Being the penny pincher that I am, I would buy gas, and try to go over no more than 10 cents. I especially loved it if I could get like $20.01 or something like that; this meant a good $0.99 was going to my savings! It was sweet to be able to see over $20 in that little savings account! (didn’t meant to do a BOA plug, but I really loved that. If the fees weren’t so high, I would still bank with them).

So this was a little rant that I hope encourages you to look at your change differently. Think twice before you just let it go so easily.

As for the clowns… the only reason that came up for me was because we had clowns in our store today. The place where I work is one of the official sponsors for the circus that’s coming to town. I was amused by how people were trying to rearrange who did what because people (some of them grown men!) were afraid of clowns!!

You know, I’m really glad that the fear of clowns passed over me. Perhaps movies like “It” are the reason for that fear, but I truly don’t understand being afraid of clowns. Some of them can be slightly creepy, but it’s something that I truly don’t understand… like the fear of spiders. I don’t get that one either. Now if you live in Australia where there are those deadly spiders, I can understand being afraid. Spiders where I live are not deadly as far as I know…. but I digress. A rant on spiders is another entry for another time.

Anyway, the clowns were fun and I loved watching them perform! I really hope to go to the circus while it’s in town; I believe I was no older than 4 the last time I went. That needs to change.

So if no one else is feeling it, I will continue to show love for change and clowns.

that is all.

2 thoughts on “No love for change… or clowns!

  1. So true! 🙂 I have this fear of spiders though I have no clue why. The mere sight of one is enough to trigger a panic attack at times, other times it’s not too bad…

    • I’m not scared of them so much as I hate them… and the only reason I hate them is because people around me are scared, and they make me kill them. This is why the fact that spiders exist is enough to irk my soul.

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