Quiche with parsley, onion, mushroom and bacon

It’s amazing how much better you feel about life when you’ve got a little extra cash in your pocket.

Now that I’m working, I used a part of my newfound cash flow today to splurge at the market. (only a foodie…)

While I do live at home, if I ever want to make something special, the ingredients must come from my own larder, which is stocked from what little cash I have from working.

I’m sure I spent way more than I should have, but I felt the need to get a few things so that I can start eating the things that I want to and like to eat. I think if you let me, I would eat like a rabbit; however, I do have my indulgences. Like bacon. In fact, I did get some bacon tonight (even back tracked to the store for it!), and decided to use a couple of delectable slices in a quiche.

Now, every time I’ve made quiche up to this point, I’ve never put anything more in it than what is called for in the recipe that I use. However, I decided to mix things up with my splurge items: the bacon, cremini mushrooms (since I never get to eat them much because my family doesn’t like them), and some Kerrygold butter that I used in the crust. I’ve actually never used this butter before, but I have a friend that raved about it. After talking to her, it was on my list of things to try. Since I was splurging anyhow, I saw it there tempting me, and went for it.

I’ve done various posts on quiche, but I used the same recipe this time as I have all the previous times before. I also make my own crust using this recipe: http://myfrenchcuisine.blogspot.com/2005/06/easy-quiche-crust-from-scratch.html

Sidenote: That crust recipe is for pâte brisée, and it makes a killer pie crust. This is the same crust recipe that I used when I made apple pie. It’s brilliant! 

Using the Kerrygold butter was interesting; it had the texture of Velveeta to me. It was thick and almost rubbery, like a brie. Maybe because it’s really that thick. It sure didn’t taste like Velveeta though 😉

While the crust was made and rolled out, I busied myself with the add-ins. I cooked the bacon in the pan first, then used some of the bacon fat to sauté the onions and mushrooms. I can’t tell you how excited I was about putting mushrooms in this! I just cut them into quarters.


Once everything was softened, I added the parsley and cut the heat. I also took the liberty of adding the parsley stems. I was inspired to do this after I watched Jamie Oliver do it, and I always hated the idea of wasting the stems… so in they went! Be sure to chop them on the finer side before putting them into any dish. However, if you are planning to make stock, by all means… separate the leaves from the stem, and use those wonderful stems to flavor your stock.

Once all of my add-ins are softened, they cool a bit, and get into a wonderful bath full of eggs, half & half, and gruyère cheese. Don’t forget the cheese! Since I actually don’t own a cheese grater, the way I “shave” my cheese down is by cutting it into thin slices, then constantly running the knife over it. It seems to work quite fine this way, and I like the rustic look about it. This will have to be something I try when I make a pizza, but for now, my 1/2 lb. of “grated” cheese went into the quiche mixture to be baked.

Let your quiche bake for like 1/2 an hour (it might be less time depending on how long your oven’s been preheating), and you’ll come out with something lovely and delicious!


As you can see, I let it bake a little too long. Whoops… but it wasn’t burned, and I liked seeing the bits of bacon sticking up out of the custard.

So, how did it turn out? It tasted AMAZING! Adding the parsley stems into the mix added a slight sweet grassy flavor, which was interesting and nice. The mushroom was definitely another dominant flavor, and I enjoyed this very much. I will definitely use it the next time! The bacon? While bacon actually always makes things better, I didn’t get as much bacon flavor as I would’ve hoped to. I feel like the cheese and all drowned out that deliciousness, so I was a little disappointed by this. However, I did only use 2 slices of bacon. Granted, it was a thicker bacon than the usual little thin slices, but maybe a little more bacon would really help me to get that bacon flavor. Overall, this was really good. I will definitely start getting more adventurous with my quiche when I make it.

By the way, this is the basic recipe that I use: http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/basic-quiche-10000001123637/index.html.

What I like about it is that it’s delicious without adding anything more than what’s in the recipe… but it leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Hope y’all start having fun with quiche; I sure did this time, as I always do when I make it.


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