Blueberry Pancakes

Recently, I decided to make blueberry pancakes.

Believe it or not, this was my first time ever having blueberry pancakes.

I know what you all are thinking: “Rachel. You’re 29 years old! How did you manage to get through 29 years of living without the goodness of blueberry pancakes??”

Truth be told, I have no idea how I managed this. Blueberries and I have had a complicated relationship until recently. I honestly didn’t care for blueberries that much when I was younger. To me, they didn’t taste like much, and I failed to see what the big deal was. I liked blueberry muffins and all, but never dealt with blueberries outside of the occasional muffin. I didn’t think they were awful, but I didn’t feel that they were much to write home about. That is… until I had blueberries that were freshly picked. This past season, I procured some from a farmer’s market near my house. They actually have a blueberry patch where they plant the blueberries. When they’re in season, you can either: a) pick them yourself, or b) buy them already picked and measured out from the farmer’s market shelf.

Let me tell you… I never understood the big deal about blueberries until I tasted them in season. If blue had a taste, it would be a blueberry! It borders on tasting like purple somewhat, but it’s so delicious! I don’t know if the bigger ones or the smaller ones are the sweetest, but they’re all good. That was one of the first times I went ham on blueberries all by themselves! NOW I understand why people are crazy over them. Conversely, though, I also don’t want to ever eat them out of season again! They only bear a faint taste of what I experienced this summer. I’m never going back to mediocre blueberries again!

So, onto how I ended up making blueberry pancakes.

I seem to have this thing when it comes to trying something new. If I’ve never eaten something before, my “natural” reaction seems to be to make it myself and taste it that way. Has anyone else ever felt like that? Maybe I do it like that because I trust my cooking enough, or maybe it also have to do with my adventurous nature. I have no answer for why I naturally think this way, but it’s usually the way I go about trying new foods. This was no different.

I actually hadn’t planned to make blueberry pancakes; meaning, it’s not one of those things that I was dying to do. How it came about had everything to do with some leftover blueberries that we had in the fridge.


My nephew had a blueberry phase that fizzled out, and we were left with some blueberries. So I thought… hmm, why don’t I just put some of them in pancakes?? Sounds reasonable to me!

So, on my day off, I made blueberry pancakes. It wasn’t anything complicated or fussy; I just poured the batter into the pan set on medium heat, and put the blueberries over the top. The reason I didn’t go mixing them into the batter was because I knew not everyone would want blueberry pancakes. Plus, there’s nothing more annoying than when you put something into a batter, and everything sinks to the bottom! Ugh! To avoid all of that madness, I simply put the blueberries into the batter in the pan. This way, they kind of get a chance to cook into the pancake batter. Trust me, it’s helpful when you go to flip them. And… you can ensure that you have blueberry well distributed throughout the whole pancake.


It might be a control freak thing, but I think about this stuff. I like my flavor to be evenly distributed. It truly chaps my hide when one side of something will be all flavorful, then you get to the end of it, and that flavor you had is nowhere to be found! Like, if I have a sandwich with pickles, I want them to be laid out so I can taste pickle all in the sandwich. I need my little pickle layer all on the bottom of that bread! Now, I don’t want extra pickles (I ate a sandwich like that, and it tasted more like pickle than anything. Never again.), but it’s gotta be just enough to cover all of the bread. This way, I get a hint of the pickle taste in every corner of the sandwich! Do it right, darnit!!! I think this is the other reason I make things myself so I can do it the way I like it. Then I won’t be getting on anyone else’s nerves with my craziness.

Pickle rant aside, the pancakes weren’t half bad! I think I’ll definitely do it again, but with in season blueberries. These were good, but I think it’ll make a world of difference when they’re in season. I’m excited for blueberries to be in season! Maybe I’ll go pick some of my own this year. I always say I’m going to pick my own stuff, and I forget about it when the time comes around! Maybe I need to put it on a calendar so I can be sure to remember. We’ll see. I think it’s something that people should do; it’s nice to see where your food is coming from… its terroir and its home. It comes from somewhere, and I think picking it yourself adds more of an attachment factor to what you’re eating. That’s important. Very important.

I know this wasn’t a recipe type of entry, but I felt that it was worth sharing. It was more like an experiment.

More on my kitchen experiments later.

Until next time…

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