I need my own refrigerator

I don’t know if this is a foodie thing or it has more to do with my personal tastes, but I feel like one’s refrigerator is a reflection of their personality. Most young people want to move away from home so that they can have their own space. While I’m not denying that this would be nice, most of the reason that I want my own space is so that I can have my own refrigerator.

What brought on this concept of having my own refrigerator was a link that was sent to me by one of my friends. It was an article of sorts that took pictures of the contents of the refrigerators of 12 chefs (here was that link if you wanted to check it out: ). Some of them said that it was a decent reflection of things that they actually used. One said that it was uncomfortable because it “felt like I was on a porno shoot.” What I envy about their situations and refrigerators is how the ingredients within reflected the personalities and tastes of that particular chef. I yearn for this sort of thing.

What would my fridge look like if it was all my own?

Well, first of all, I would be nerd enough to sort all ingredients in the proper way to prevent cross-contamination: raw ingredients (meats and poultry) on bottom and cooked stuffs on top. I think there’d be a lot of veg and yogurt in my fridge, as well as cooked rice and opened bottles of soy sauce. I would probably make a lot of smoothies (I like them for breakfast or a quick lunch), and I feel like this would soothe my hankering to be a vegetarian.

No matter what, though, there would always have to be fresh eggs. After having bought some from the farmer’s market for the first time a few years ago, no other eggs are good enough. What would be best (and any foodie’s dream) would be to either have your own chicken, or a friend that has a egg-laying hen. If I could, I would work out a bartering system to get farm fresh eggs; they’re invaluable as far as I’m concerned. Plus, I love having eggs around for the occasional late-night omelet. Sure… you could do the normal thing and eat your omelets in the morning for breakfast, but frankly, I don’t eat breakfast like that. When I do eat something for breakfast though, it must be light, or my stomach wants no parts of it. Besides, who said breakfast is only for the morning anyway? 😉

Stinky cheese would also be a requirement. Though I have an issue or two with lactose intolerance, this information will become irrelevant. I like brie, blue cheese, cheddar, and cheeses that need to stay wrapped lest they pollute the entire chill chest with their stench aroma. I don’t know why I like stinky cheese the way I do, but questioning it really doesn’t give me any answers; it’s best to just go with these things. Besides, cheese on crackers always makes an amazing snack, as does cheese with fruit. One can never go wrong with these things.

On the bottom would probably be a rotation of either fish, chicken or some type of beef… probably in the form of a roast, or a beef tenderloin, depending on my mood. Or skirt steak that I could use for fajitas. Like I said, whatever I’m in the mood for. As much as my taste for things changes, only the Lord knows what would be in my fridge on any given day.

What about my freezer? Well since I don’t like things to go to waste (and a lot of smoothie recipes actually recommend using frozen fruit), I would have a lot of frozen fruit up there, especially frozen bananas. They’re a great addition to smoothies, and so easy to store away! I would also have various berries, the occasional frozen pizza (look, it’s not beneath me; I like a frozen pizza every so often!), and probably frozen chicken, beef, or vegetable stock. If I had my way, I would make stock all the time, and freeze it until I needed it. I would probably go through stock more as it got cold outside, but I would like to be in the habit of having it in the freezer.

I’d also be sure to label the date that everything expired so that I’d be sure to use it. Yeah, yeah, frozen stuff doesn’t expire, but the quality of it will wane over time. I would try my hardest not to keep too much in my freezer because I know I tend to forget things… but sometimes it happens, especially if you’re a busy person. The one thing that I know I would probably keep in there a lot is Ezekiel bread, specifically that cinnamon raisin kind. I am more obsessed with that than the Pepperidge Farms version… and I’ve been known to kill a loaf of the latter in a day!

This leads me to the next thing that I would like to do with my fridge. If I had my own refrigerator, I would love to have one that I could cover with chalkboard paint. I have this thing with chalkboard paint, and ever since one of my favourite bloggers put chalkboard paint on her fridge, I’ve been dying to do it! On my chalkboard painted refrigerator, I would adorn it with the “menu du jour”, and a running shopping list… and any doodles that I decided to put on it. I also hope that it would be able to hold magnets, because I would get those little word magnets that you can arrange to create sentences and poems. It might be dorky, but I keep a blog and I like to read. Why not transfer my love of writing to my refrigerator, the other place from where I draw inspiration? I want to keep the creativity flowing all around me.

I don’t even know where to find those little word magnets anymore… but I’ll find them! When I do, I’ll be sure to save them somewhere special, so that I can christen my refrigerator–the pièce de resistance de la cusisine–with those lovely words that will stand out against the chalkboard paint, and have their own little place amongst my running grocery list and various doodles.

Although I appreciate the fridge that I am now using, the fact of the matter is that it is not mine; I share it with my family. It’s a little more reflective of their tastes, but even within that, there is some of what I like. It might be greedy of me to want my own refrigerator space, but it’s important to me that the refrigerator completely reflect how I feel about food. I want every square inch of the fridge that I own to scream “This is Miss Ray’s Refrigerator”. No matter what would be in it (or on it) at any given time, I feel like anyone that knows me well wouldn’t be surprised by what they found inside it’s chilled interior.

I hope it won’t be long before I can walk into a house (or apartment) where I live, swing open the refrigerator door, and briefly inventory all of its contents, looking for something to graze on. I’d survey the inside only to take a moment to smile and think to myself (or possibly out loud), “yeah, this is so my refrigerator”.




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