I Get Pickier Every Day. Woe Is Me.

Today, I went down into the city for an interview to be a tour guide at the local art museum. Honestly, I think the hardest part was trying to figure out what to wear! I knew I wanted to spend the day wandering around the city, and I just felt like I didn’t have anything to wear that was good for this purpose AND to wear to an interview. I’m not a very formal person, so even though it was an interview, I didn’t go the “suit & Sunday shoes” route. I wore a light sweater and a skirt with very casual boots. It was very much me. To my dismay, however, I found out that the watch I was using runs slow. I found this out when I checked my phone to check in for the interview! *sigh* Well, if I get that position, it will be because it was meant to be.

After the short interview (which was all of 15 minutes), I decided to take one of the museum tours. It was my first time taking a tour at the museum, and I was quite excited about it. I found out about an exhibit or two that I didn’t even know was in the museum! It’s a rather big place, and there are two other buildings in addition to the main building where art is held. I didn’t get to explore those buildings today, but I go to the city a lot. I’m sure I’ll find another day to explore.

After my visit to the museum, I took the underground trolley up to 19th St and walked and couple of blocks up to try a new place that I heard of on Groupon. For those of you that aren’t on Groupon yet, what are you waiting for?? Get on and check out the deals here.  I’ve found out about quite a few places because of Groupon, and I’ve liked nearly all of them. Café Fulya, which I mention often, is one such place.

I went to try a place that’s new to me, and I was able to buy a $20 meal at this place with an $11 Groupon. I actually went a dollar over, but I only had to pay a dollar for all the food I got (this wasn’t including tip. I added that later). I got a proscuitto & pineapple salad because the description sounded good. One thing I did like about this place was that you were given one of those big bottles of water and a glass. I like being able to serve myself as much water as I want. There is another place at which I like going to brunch, and they do the same thing. I also ordered a buffalo chicken pizza, since this was a pizza place.

I got the salad, and to be honest, this is where I got super picky. My main problem with it was that it just wasn’t easy to eat! I know that sound silly, but it had a vinaigrette, and I had trouble trying to mix everything together because of the bowl the salad was in. It was a bowl that was honestly too tiny for the amount of salad that was in it. If you’re like me, and you like to kind of mix all the ingredients together, you need a good sized bowl to do that, or the salad needs to be on a plate. When I tried mixing everything together, a few baby spinach leaves escaped my bowl. I was annoyed by this. The only time I like food to escape my bowl is if it’s on a fork en route to my mouth.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like it when things are easy to eat. The exceptions to this rule are crabs in the shell or peel & eat shrimp. Even then, it must be somewhat easy to get from the shell into your mouth. I don’t know if it’s because I’m greedy, but I appreciate that sort of thing. I also wasn’t a fan of the long strips of proscuitto; I thought they should’ve been more bite sized. I liked the idea of the flavors together and saw what the idea was, but it just was annoying to eat. It reminded me of the one time I tried frogs legs. They didn’t taste bad, but they were so annoying to eat that I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. This is how I felt about that salad.

The pizza was all right. What I liked about the pizza, first of all, was the thin crust. I’m a thin crust junkie, and this crust is downright crunchy. I don’t know what it is about thin crust, but it just does something to and for me. Also, this particular chicken pizza had the chicken cut in such a way that it was in strips and laid across the top of the pizza. I like this versus the chunks, because sometimes the chunks of chicken tend to fall off. I didn’t have too many pieces of chicken fall off with them being cut this way.

overall though? It was good, but it didn’t impress me enough to want to go back. I didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t seek it out again, either. I was surprised that I felt that way about it seeing as that was the only real thing that I ate all day. I can’t pinpoint any one thing that made me feel the way I felt about this place. Maybe it was because I had high expectations because of other places that I’ve tried from Groupon and loved. Tomato Bistro, another pizza place that I heard about from Groupon, is one place that I’m obsessed with. I dream about the duck & apple pizza that I tried there. I can’t wait to go back for more! If it wasn’t for the Groupon, I wouldn’t have been able to afford all that I ate there on the budget that I had at that time. I’ll tell you right now, though; had I had the money for it at the time, it would’ve been worth its original price before the Groupon. And then some. I was very impressed with it. I wasn’t as impressed with this, however.

I’ve been becoming increasingly pickier as I get older and more experienced, with more of a bent towards my own cooking. I don’t think it’s because I’m that great of a cook; I think I just like the idea of being able to customize things to my liking. It’s not that I don’t have favourite spots, but they are few. I don’t like getting stuck in a food rut, but I also see nothing wrong with going with what’s good. If you’re only allotted so many calories in a day, don’t waste ANY of them on something that you don’t feel like eating. I’m not saying have a free-for-all and eat nothing but junk; you need balance. I am saying, though, that if you’re eating something that was set before you just to say you ate, why torture yourself? Eat what you’re in the mood for! Trust me, you’re always in the mood for something. I know I always am.

I was, however, in the mood for those peanut butter cookies from 4th St Bakery at Reading Terminal Market… but unfortunately, I got there too late to get one! 😦

It’s not that I really needed a cookie like that, but the cookies at that particular place are bangin’. Those kind of cookies can make ANYONE–even me, who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth–a sweets addict. I always get at least one when I go down to Philly, even when I think I don’t want one. When I walk into RTM, and I get a whiff of those cookies, I’ll want one. That’s how good they are, and that’s what they do to you.

Well, that’s it for me for now. More forays in the kitchen to come. P to the S, I’m going to NYC for a month in July for an intensive training for acting! YAY! The only thing that crossed my mind was that I’ll be in a food town for a month! I hope to find some good places to eat while I’m up there. I can’t NOT! What self-respecting foodie visits a food town for a month and doesn’t find good places to eat?? Any New Yorkers that are subscribers, please send recommendations for places! I’m excited to try a few (as the budget allows).

ttfn: ta ta for now!

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