Eggs And Passing Thoughts of Veganism

There is some part of me that wishes to be vegan at times, with a particular emphasis on eating raw fruits and vegetables.

I know that sounds crazy, especially for a black woman. If you’re a black woman and you’re even just vegetarian, let alone vegan, people look at you sideways. You also will receive criticism from family members about needing meat on your bones. Because of the way some black people eat, the idea of not having meat be a staple in your meals (chicken, anyone?) is enough to make relatives want to send you away to the funny farm. There’s a woman at my church that has a niece whom is vegetarian (not vegan, though). She said she had a hard time with it at first because of criticism from her family members, including her own mom. She stuck with it, though, and I admire her courage.

Yes, a black woman that is or wants to be vegetarian or vegan is a rare species.

It would be super hard for me to be vegetarian, let alone vegan, because of where I work. I admit that I have no will power when I get a good whiff of the fries in the fryer, or the chicken sandwiches. It all looks so good! Plus, I’m a cook and a foodie on top of it. How can I say no?

So what draws me to this idea in the first place? Well, I’ve learned that having raw foods (specifically fruits and vegetables) are an amazing energy boost. I also know a guy that was once vegan, and he said that he felt great. I’m always looking for ways to maximize my energy with what I eat, because food can heal you if you put in the right things. Plus, it’s something new and interesting. There are some things that it’s cool to read about to satisfy curiosity; then, there are things that gnaw at you to be experienced. I think it’s my pure sense of adventure that draws me towards being a vegan at times.

However, I know in reality, that if I were to take the plunge and eat like I was vegan, I probably wouldn’t do it for long. There’s one thing that I could point to that would keep me from being vegan. I surprised myself by not naming “bacon”, because I thought I would miss it. Honestly, though, I don’t eat much of it to begin with. I don’t dislike it, but if it were gone tomorrow, I probably wouldn’t miss it as much as I think. I thought it would be cheese, but as much as I like that, I might get over that one.

The thing I would miss most about being vegan is eggs.

When it’s late at night or in the middle of the day, and I don’t know what I feel like eating, I always reach for eggs. Scrambled, fried over easy, in an omelet or a quiche, that is one animal product that never gets old for me or that I would never grow tired of eating. Especially if we’re talking farm fresh eggs. The first time I ever had one of those, I became a fan of the egg for life. The white was the tightest around the yolk that I’ve ever seen. I swear an egg that fresh tastes different from any old egg. I wouldn’t want to own an egg-laying hen, but I sure would want friends that have one! I’d be more than glad to pay for them; a fresh egg is indispensable, and should be part of a regular diet.

I’ve been making omelets for a while, but I decided to change up my omelet game a little bit. I decided to try making an omelet the Julia Child way. This involves shaking the pan until it folds over, then turning it out on a plate. I did it, and let me tell you guys: it’s probably the best (and the prettiest) omelet I’ve ever made… and I managed to do it with a nonstick pan without the “nonstick”.


I added some aged Gouda to it, and it was just a plate of divine savory goodness. I just used 3 eggs, but it was more than enough. Eggs to the rescue!

That’s about it for now. It’s about time I made my eggs-it from this post. I’m sure I’ll be making eggs sooner rather than later.




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