The Section 43 Story: My Journey Home

On the first day of actor’s movement, we did an exercise where we had to do a gesture that described us. This is a story based on all of those gestures. Yes, I remembered them. I hope you enjoy it. You guys are awesome!

As I was getting ready, I spun around in a Rand whirlwind trying to get things ready. When I double checked my ticket for the bus, I realized that it needed to be printed out! I did a Sarah to FedEx, and had an issue with the printing. I did an Ian, and tried to do it again. Same terrible results. I went to the service desk doing a Kendall, and the man helped me print my email… and refund my last mishap with the computer.

As I went back to the dorm, and was relieved to see that I didn’t have to pay anything for my massive luggage bag, I did a Madisson to feel copacetic once again. After cleaning up as much as I could and triple checking that everything was packed, I gave the RAs my keys, and did a Rachel, reached down for my bag, and went out the door. On my way up the stairs from the F train, two women and a man asked if I needed help with my bag. I did a Chris, and meekly replied “Yes, please”. So they did a Phil, and reached down to help me with my bag. I did a Shae as a show of gratitude.

While sitting on the Chinatown bus, driving out of Manhattan, I couldn’t believe I was saying good bye to New York, good bye to the experience of living there and going to school there, and good bye to people that I had come to love. I did an Anje and looked away and toward the window so no one would see me cry. I was really going to miss it all.

Finally, after 2-1/2 hours (and a brief nap), I saw the skyline of my beloved Philly. As much as I like coming home, this time, it didn’t have the same joy that it normally has. While I started to do a Flowers to figure out why, the train of thought was interrupted when the bus came to a stop at its destination: Chinatown in Philadelphia, PA. I got off the bus, did a Jerson to get myself going, and used those muscles to start pulling my bag again.

While I waited for the train, I took off my very heavy backpack, and did a Diana to loosen up my shoulders and neck. It did help a bit. The rest wasn’t long enough, because the train came soon after. I sat next to my luggage, and realized it had a little hole. I did a Colleen over the battle scar. While that isn’t bad for a 14-year-old piece of luggage, I wondered if I could fix it somehow.

I was finally back in my town, but still had to complete and arduous walk with a heavy back pack and a heavy piece of luggage. After much pulling, tugging, sweating and stopping, I FINALLY got to my house! On the way, some obnoxious guy had the nerve to tell me to work it, while not lifting one finger to help me. He received a Lulu, as I trudged on. When I got to my house, I did an Isom; I had triumphed! Leaving the suit case behind, I walked to my Nana’s around the corner to retrieve my house key since no one was home when I got there. I did a Gabriela to announce myself, and a Stephen when I actually walked through the door.

I’ve been speed walking through town since I got home, and I’m more than ready to do a Tony that falls into a moment of Oriah. I hope that I can have that moment for a minimum of 12 hours so I can attend church on Sunday. The way my church is, I’ll need all of those precious hours.

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