Sweat, Chocolate, and Chinese Food

Sunday was a crazy day. It always feels a little surreal when I’m in New York. I don’t know why this is; maybe there’s something in the Manhattan air.

The crazy things that happen when you’ve only had 4 hours of sleep lead to all types of ridiculousness, including the series of events that took place when I was trying to catch a train to NYC at 5:15 am. The reason I only got 4 hours of sleep was because I was in a desperate search through my drawers to find something that would qualify as “business casual”. What happened after that is the result of having had such little sleep.

I tore up my room for several precious minutes looking for a Metro Card. Yes. The Metro Card that I had for a month when I stayed in New York… for some crazy reason, I chose the minutes I should’ve spent driving to the train station looking for this Metro Card. Never mind the fact that I could just buy another for $1. *sigh*

Not only did I not find the Metro Card, I ended up getting to the train station approximately 3 minutes before my train was supposed to leave… and I was 2 city blocks away. I might’ve been there sooner if I hadn’t been a ditz and decided NOT to take the highway. I hit every stop light there was to hit on the way there.

I went to pay for a parking ticket at the machine, and only paid for 12 hrs. I needed 24 hrs. Desperate to not get a parking ticket or be towed, I paid another $20 for the same amount of time, and threw both receipts in the window. Grabbing my things, I booked it to the train station. I really shouldn’t have bothered, because I missed the train by a good 5 minutes.

So there I was… sitting on the platform waiting for a completely different train that would connect me to the New Jersey Transit. It was the only hope I had of getting to my location in time.

I was supposed to be in NYC at 10 minutes before 7am. I actually got there at about 8:37am. Let’s also throw in the fact that I had to figure out where this place was. After getting on the wrong train and asking 1.3mil people which way to go, I got to the place 1 hr late! I was so embarrassed! My first time appearing for any film shoot, and this happens. Thankfully, the crew and everyone else was late, so I may have only appeared shortly after everyone else, but it didn’t make me feel any less bad (of course, I found out that fun fact a little later about everyone else being late).

The film shoot was a lot of fun; I made a few friends! I “feasted” on pineapple and black coffee, and chit chatted with a girl there that is a nanny and an actress. She’s from Colorado, and moved out here to pursue acting. The whole experience was copacetic, and everyone there was easy to talk to, which is nice for a shy girl like me. In the down time that us “extras” had, I managed to read a book I rented from the library, and examine a few paintings on the walls.

After one last shot, we were released 1/2 hour earlier than scheduled. They were even nice enough to comp me for the price of taking the NJ transit! I wasn’t expecting that; it was very kind. I used that comp to buy lunch. This led me to my “old hood” (the place where I lived for my month in New York). There’s a Chinese food place there that has the BEST Chinese ever! I got some fried rice, chicken wings, and an egg roll.

I also walked down the way to “The Chocolate Room” for a small scoop of their house made Belgian Chocolate ice cream. After all the self-inflicted foolishness I endured in the morning, I deserved a little chocolate. I got a child-sized scoop on a cone because it’s what I could afford. It was truly delectable. *wink* Next time, I shall get a bigger scoop. It was thoroughly chocolatey and altogether satisfying.

The sun had come out, and the subway was sweltering, as usual. After having walked around in the heat, I was hot and tired. I munched greedily on my egg roll with duck sauce on it. Some man opted to sit next to me, bless his heart. A couple of times, I felt like he was watching me. I’m sure it had a LOT to do with how greedily enthusiastically I was eating that egg roll. Or probably from the interesting stench “aroma” emanating from me. I could only imagine what I smelled like: salty with a little body funk, and the faint scent of chocolate. Oh, and let’s add in the smell of Chinese food, shall we? Yeah, that’s a thing of beauty right there. (hashtag: why I’m single).

Now after the transportation fiasco I had this morning, I still managed to miss my bus from Chinatown to Philly. I left in plenty of time this time, but the train that I should take wasn’t running to the right stop. So, yet again, here I was running to catch the bus… and I still missed it. In fact, I received the “privilege” of watching it pull off. *sigh* Thank God they run every hour; I was able to hop on the next one.

I’ve never had so much transportation drama in my life. I’m one of those people that is normally an hour or so early for planes and trains! Apparently, all of that went to crap yesterday. Well, what are you gonna do?

Two and a half hours later, after a crowded ride on the Chinatown bus, I was back in PA. It felt like a cold harsh reality to be back, like someone waking you up by mercilessly dumping cold water on you. Thankfully, when I walked from 11th St to 28th to get my car, it was still there… and there was no ticket.

Despite the day of transportation mishaps, I’m already planning another trip to New York. Hopefully, I can catch my train and bus on time the next time around… and use stronger deodorant.

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