Comfort in Potatoes

As much as I loved being in NYC, I found myself missing certain things… and by things, I mean certain foods.

When you’re living with little money and even fewer cooking utensils, there’s precious little that one can do to create a good meal. Thankfully, my roommates and I were able to thrive off of the goodwill of others. Pots, pans and bowls were borrowed from our neighbors, and at least once every day, we were able to cook something.

I missed quite a few foods, which are staple foods in my house here in PA. Usually, the things that we always have are: popcorn, potatoes, and the fixings to make waffles. These are the foods I missed the most when I was yearning for something late at night. Sure, I could’ve used microwave popcorn (and I did once or twice), but it’s just not the same when you’re used to making it over a stove. I don’t know, something about that act makes me feel more connected to it.

I even bought potatoes when I was away with intentions of making fried potatoes. Fried potatoes is something we make often here at home. My first memory of it was my grandmother making it. I was always excited when I would go to Nana’s house, and see a pan of fried potatoes sitting on her stove. The “recipe” has evolved since I started making them, and it now includes fresh garlic. I bought every base ingredient in fried potatoes with all intentions of making them… until I realized that there was one major thing holding us back: neither I, nor my roommates, nor anyone we knew owned a knife that would cut potatoes. It was a sad realization, but we ended up making loaded roasted potatoes instead, which was quite delicious.

When I came home from New York, of all the things I could’ve cooked, fried potatoes ended up being the first thing I cooked when I arrived home and had the energy to stand at a stove. Admittedly, this took a few days.

Maybe it’s the influence of my Irish twice great grandmother, but I love me some potatoes. Most applications I enjoy when I prepare it, but Nana’s potato salad is good no matter who decides to make it. That influence could also explain why french fries are my weakness. Then again, if you don’t like french fries, I question whether or not you’re human. What’s not to like?? If you eat enough of them, you may not like how they tighten your pants around your middle, but besides that… they’re delicious, salty and amazing!

I have no real recipe for making fried potatoes, and I don’t think I posted one here. However, I did take a picture when I made them that day. Call it a tribute to my most homey dish.


This version included green bell pepper, which was a suggestion that my mom made. It worked out quite well, actually. I may have to make it a more permanent ingredient in this recipe.

If we’re so blessed to have some that survived another day, I like topping them with an egg (usually over easy). The egg I used the next day was more like over medium/over hard because I got a little overzealous because I was using our small cast iron pan to do it, and I kind of forgot about it.

I was little out of practice in making over easy eggs since, oddly enough, I really didn’t make any when I was away. I did make a lot of eggs, but it was more in an omelet form. I’ll have to try making “sunny side up” sometime; I haven’t done that since cookings school!

Well, that’s it for me. I know that when I’m away from home the next time, I have to be SURE that I can make fried potatoes. It’ll bring home a little closer, and what better place to remember home than on one’s plate?


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