First Time Chicken Salad Maker

Well, here it is people. My 100th WordPress post!

*cue wild applause and shouting followed by confetti and balloons*

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write for this post. I thought about doing some transformative post that reflected back on when I first started making WordPress blog posts. It was also going to wax poetic about how I’ve grown as a writer and a person.

Then I was like “naaaaw.” I’m just going to write about food.

It’s the whole reason I wanted to blog on wordpress in the first place, and it’s the thing I like writing about the most. Why change things up? I don’t know if every milestone post will be a food post, but this one will be!

Let’s face facts: when you’re a cook at heart, it always comes back to food.

I was feenin for chicken salad for at least a week before I actually made it. The thing about me and chicken salad is that we have an interesting relationship. I went from not liking it at all to having a chicken salad that changed my whole perspective. Maybe my “getting old” is what changed my taste. I’ll probably end up being one of those old people that constantly orders chicken salad with chips on the side at some diner with vinyl booths.

Please slap me upside my gray head if it comes down to me doing this all the time. It’s all right for some people, but if I end up doing that all the time, it means I’m losing my edge… if it hasn’t been completely lost.

I was fortunate enough to have some chicken left over from something else we made. I looked at it for a couple of weeks, plotting to use it for the chicken salad that I was craving. The only thing keeping me from actually making it was that… I had never made chicken salad before!


I know. Which is why I seized the opportunity with the homemade chicken fingers sitting in the fridge. What most see as an annoying leftover (or possibly trash) was an opportunity for me to recreate leftovers. I admit to not being a fan of eating the same thing over and over; I often think of myself as a moody cook. What I mean is that I cook solely based on the voglieĀ of the moment. I could want mediterranean food in the morning and thai food in the evening! There is much to be said for leftovers, though; they get the creative juices flowing.

If you’re like me and dread the idea of eating the same thing twice, it can be a good thing to figure out how to reinvent last night’s meal.

Since I’ve never made this before, I looked up recipes online simply to look for ingredients.

The basic ingredients seem to be the same for each recipe I looked up: chicken, celery, and in most, mayonnaise. The things that changed were whether hard boiled eggs were used, the spices were oftentimes different, and and some didn’t even use mayonnaise. I took what I knew of the one amazing chicken salad I tasted, and decided to just go from there.

First thing to do is peel off the breading if the chicken you’ve decided to use is breaded. I personally cannot tell you why chicken salads never use breaded chicken, but to me, it doesn’t seem like something that would be appetizing. So, there’s your answer. From there, shred the chicken. I did this by hand, and to be honest, I was a little grossed out. Honestly, it made me reconsider being a vegetarian. Maybe this has everything to do with working at a place where I am constantly around chicken, but this is the first time in a while that I’ve been grossed out doing something like that.

Anyway, back to the salad.

Once all the chicken was hand shredded, I also diced some celery and used celery seed in addition. Add this to your chicken salad. For spices, use what piques your interest. A friend of mine suggested a chipotle seasoning for pizazz, and since I didn’t have that, I thought about doing something similar because I have all the basic spices… or so I thought. When I looked in the pantry, and realized that those spices were now missing, I decided to use Old Bay seasoning instead.

Let me tell you: Old Bay seasoning is amazing! It’s for way more than just crab. Play with it!

I used Old Bay seasoning, extra chili powder, and a little bit of garlic powder. For the amount of chicken I had, I used the smallest jar of mayonnaise I could find. Mix it all together, until it’s just moist. I don’t like it too soggy, so it worked out well this way.

This was the end result:


Serve it by itself or any way that you like. I served it on toasted bread and ate it like a sandwich. If you happen to have a croissant to serve it on, this is a very delicious way to have it. Trust me… this is the first way that I had chicken salad when I first liked it. Maybe the croissant was half of the reason.

The chicken salad was good; it was gone in a couple of days. It was a good base to jump from and improve upon it. It’s not something I intend to eat every day, but it was definitely delicious.

Try it sometime and enjoy it! Have fun with your leftovers!



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