The Pre-Date Struggle

There’s nothing more exciting than someone asking you out on a date, particularly if that someone is really cute or is a someone that you’ve been interested in for a while.

It’s exciting, that is, until you get to the day of. There’s a whole process that I personally go through when it’s definite that I’ll be going out with someone.

The night before 

  • Lie in bed staring at the ceiling. Thoughts: “What the crap am I going to wear??”

The day of the date (if you don’t have to work)

  • Wake up after (finally) going to sleep last night. Still don’t know what to wear. You try to get some things done early before you allow yourself to get ready to go out.
  • Will yourself not to get ready too early.

Three hours before the date

  • Start panicking because you still don’t know what to wear! All your friends are at work, so you can’t call anyone.
  • Take a look at all your clothes toss your clothing around the room in a frantic search to find the perfect outfit. Nothing fits right/looks right/you don’t want to wear that. In one crashing moment, every stitch of clothing in your wardrobe is inadequate.
  • Race to the nearest store that sells clothing and tear through everything to find the perfect date outfit. STILL nothing is right!
  • Pick up something to eat and angrily/nervously chomp on it. Take a short walk before taking yourself home. Debate getting a manicure.

In the hour before you (should) roll out

  • freshen up and get gussied up (take a shower if needed, brush teeth, use perfume, do make up… and don’t forget mascara or to fill in your brows, if you need it!). Debate whether to use red or neutral coloured lipstick.
  • play music very loudly while doing this. “I’m Too Sexy” and “Brick House” run top of the list. anything else can be as edgy, pop-like, or as ratched as you wish. (does anyone know how to spell “ratchet”? I’ve seen various spellings, and have spelled it a few different ways myself. Let me know…)
  • Do all of the above while your nephew is bouncing around you and singing loudly to the music you’re playing.
  • (finally) put on something you already own that is super cute.


  • switch purses. don’t forget the important stuff: ID, debit card, a bit of cash, lip balm so your lips don’t dry out… even if you don’t kiss, chapped lips aren’t nice to look at.
  • look over the outfit once again.
  • throw on some quick-drying nail polish. most likely, you bought something in your earlier escapade to find an outfit, and you don’t feel like spending more money on a manicure. plus, you’re kind of out of time.
  • go back and forth in your mind about canceling…
  • …then suck it up, spray your perfume in your doorway, and walk through it and out in a blaze of beautified glory.
  • be sure to stop traffic and garner looks as you pass by.
  • remember to breathe. it’s supposed to be fun… not to mention that you look fabulous dahhling 😉

enjoy your night!

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