Ready, Set, Done

So we have a drive-thru where I work. Just like we have regulars that come into our store, we also have regulars that we only see in the drive-thru.

I remember the first time I heard his voice on headset. I remember thinking “Wow, he’s really polite.” There are people that are polite, then there are those one that are extraordinarily so. He is one of those.

Fortunately for me, I was taking the order right next to the drive-thru window, so I got to see the guy’s face.

And man, was it a pretty face!

On another day, he came through, and one of my coworkers took his order. “Wow, this guy is really nice!”, she said. She remarked that he had asked for more of the house dipping sauce, and that the way he asked for it was extraordinarily polite. Since I was bagging orders, when I saw who was at the window and that it was his order, I loaded him up with sauce. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but he was really cute! Cute guys make you do crazy things! Even if he wasn’t all that cute, being polite to food service employees will cause them to dote on you.

If there’s anyone that you want to like you, it’s people that serve you food and people that take care of you when you’re sick. NEVER get on the bad side of either of these types. Just an FYI. (end my caveat)

For a while, I didn’t see this guy, and I felt some type of way about it. I could never check our screen that looks out on the drive thru for his car, because it was broken for the better part of a week. I felt some type of way about it, and was wondering where he had been.

Well today, I come in early and look up at the camera. To my delight, it was working. Not only that, I happened to have on a headset when my coworker took an order. I looked up at the screen, and it was his truck.

Then started my teenage girl freakout.

“It’s him! I know it’s him! He’s here!!!” That moment felt like Christmas and my birthday all in the same day. One of my male coworkers saw me acting like an entire fool, and laughed at me. He stood from a distance just to see who it was that I was making a fuss over.

Well he pulled up to that window, and I addressed him by name, with the flirt voice. (He had come in the day before, and I looked at his card to find out what his name was. I could’ve just asked, but I certainly would’ve blushed half to death. Health insurance doesn’t cover that sort of thing).

The boy and I proceeded to have our first at-length conversation today. The weather recently changed, and we talked about how we’re both polar bears to some extent. We may have talked longer if there wasn’t a car right in back of him.

It made me happy for the rest of the day.

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