Faith in Humanity

There are many reasons not to have faith in people these days. Turn on the news (or watch your Facebook feed for long enough), or go to your regular job! We are bombarded with reasons to lose faith in people… to lose faith in the ability and willingness of people to be kind and to do something selfless for a change.

Then you have those days where one act changes how you feel about people altogether. This morning was one such day.

I was taking my daily run to my bus stop (the one I take when I leave the house much later than I should), and got there only a few minutes before the bus was due to pass through. I stood there with sweat down my back, trying to catch my breath. Meanwhile, an older woman was pulling out of the gas station where my bus stop is. I moved out of the way, only to see her roll down her window, and motion for me to come over.

Thinking that maybe she needed directions, I cautiously walked over with that in mind.

What actually ended up happening surprised me.

Rather than ask for directions (as I assumed she was going to), not only did she tell me where she was going, she asked if I would like a ride!

What surprised me even more was that I said yes and got into the car of a total stranger! For some reason, this didn’t seem strange at all until I thought about it. It felt like she was someone that I knew or had always known. The rational part of me thought this was completely crazy… but it felt right to the heart.

What transpired was a healthy conversation about traveling abroad! Though she was much older, she seemed like the kind of older woman that had spunk. I appreciate things like that.

Finally, I arrived at my destination, and I told her my name. She said that her name was Pat. I was actually sad to go; something about me wanted to know more about this woman! She was definitely interesting, but above all, she was kind. It must’ve really touched her heart to see me out in the cold. Being touched like that is something I can relate to.

So this is for Mrs. Pat, and for people that think kindness and connection is a thing of the past. I’m here to argue, especially after today, that it most definitely is not.

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