Cooking Fails

Well, let’s start the year with some cooking fails, shall we?

I know when I usually talk about the things that I cook, I’m usually talking about something delicious that I’ve made in the past, or I’m referring to a particularly delicious  meal. However, let’s just go on with some things that I’ve flubbed up, since that seems to be the theme of my week in cooking. It’s sad, but true. Even the best cooks mess it up sometimes.

Let’s start with the yogurt made with plant-based milk.

I have a yogurt maker that I haven’t used for a while, and I’ve been long toying with the idea of making a yogurt with coconut milk. The idea came to me at Trader Joe’s one day quite some time ago when I saw the cans of coconut milk on display. Well, when I paid a visit to Mom’s Organic Market in Bryn Mawr, I saw that they had yogurt starter culture, which I was unable to find at the natural/organic market closer to my house. I was very excited to see this! After having a morning that was particularly bad, I felt that a food experiment was in order. I grabbed some starter culture, and the requisite amount of milk.

I didn’t attempt to make the yogurt until Tuesday or Wednesday, however. I heated up the milk, waited until it cooled to the right temperature, then put in the starter culture. After I had felt that it adequately dissolved, it was distributed into the glass jars and placed in the yogurt maker overnight.

When I woke up in the morning and checked the yogurt maker, what I discovered was a far cry from the yogurt I expected. What greeted me looked more like the inside of a snow globe. “Maybe it needs more time”, I thought to myself. I set 6 more hours on the yogurt maker, and went to work. I came home, and it still didn’t turn out. I ended up wasting 5 c. of coconut milk and a package of starter culture. I think I know what happened and how to fix it next time, but it was still most disappointing.

Let’s also make mention of the unenjoyable grilled cheese from last night, and the hot chocolate that made me choke this morning. The only bit of encouragement I got was that my whipped cream game has improved.  I made whipped cream for the hot chocolate, and it was much sweeter and more firm compared to the last time I made it. Powdered sugar is much better for whipped cream than the granulated. Just a suggestion.

Although I had a couple of fails, I’m in no way fazed by this. I think my first mistake was trying to do at least 2 of these things while I was tired and incapable of thinking clearly. I think just not having worked with these things was also part of the problem. Whatever the reason, here’s hoping that this will not mean that I’ve lost my touch in any way, and will define my forays in the kitchen for the remainder of the year.

Happy New Year to me.

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