50 First Dates?

I walked in from the biting cold of that Thursday night, and walked down the stairs to the lounge. Thankfully, the stairway was well lit; I was wearing heels and didn’t want to fall on my head because I missed a stair by walking down into a black hole. I went down to where I was supposed to check in only to discover that no one was ready to start the check-in process yet.

“Here I was thinking I was going to be late”, I thought to myself. Really, I had walked in right at the time registration was going to begin.

As I waited around for the event to start, I looked around the small check-in area. The walls are what caught my attention. There was a wallpaper on them with a quote that read “Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” This quote was written all over one of the walls in silver and deep purple.

There were a good 20 of us waiting around to register and check our coats. There was a great display of nervous behavior; shuffling of feet and looking either around without making real eye contact, or the intent studying of one’s shoes.

Finally, after a good 10 minutes of waiting that felt more like 20, we were allowed to check in. I got into the line, checked in, and checked my coat. I casually walked through the doorway that led into the lounge, which was adorned by a purple curtain and valance with gold fringe.

The lounge had gold and purple couches, and there was one alcove to the right with two couches on it with accent pillows. The lighting was low, and there was a raised area to the left with a large couch and a runway that was lit with tea candle lights. It was well-lit for a night that is conducive to romance and dating. This was, after all, a speed dating event.

I exchanged my little card given me at registration for libations. The bar maids were wearing corsets and drawers, and all I could think was that it was too cold for that. Never mind the fact that I had come in a mini dress.

I tipped her, talked to some of the girls at the bar, and recommended my drink to them. Several women had ordered the same drink. We were all instantly giggly and very friendly with one another. A guy had come up to talk to us, which was kind of cool. I like when a guy will just walk up and talk to you… mostly because I’m hopelessly shy and awkward under any circumstances given.

I ended up being seated at a love seat, and shared it with another young woman that I happened to meet at the bar. Two chairs were placed in front of us, and we waited a little bit more. I saw the guys being lined up, and I finally started to feel some nervousness. Up to the event and even when I got there, I wasn’t at all nervous. Once the guys were being guided to their first date, I started thinking “Oh crap…”

The rundown: 50 men, 3 minutes/man, 1 cocktail and a pen & paper to write down all the names of the men I was meeting. The only difference between me and the movie is that I wasn’t dating the same man 50 times.

Let the fun begin.

I’d be lying if I told you I remembered every single guy that I met, but I remembered the 1st one, the 2nd to last one, and a few of them in between.

The very 1st guy was a military man. He talked too much, but I think it was his nerves talking. I dared not interrupt his anxious ranting, but when I did have a question, I spoke. Soon enough, 3 minutes was up. We shook hands, and I was on to the next man. One man complimented my hair, and declared it the most unique style he has seen all night.

I told two guys to their face that I thought they were cute, had to pee somewhere around guy 10, but put on a brave face until we were given a break. One man asked for my phone number but didn’t give me his name (which was shady in retrospect), and one guy came off as a creeper. A couple of them made me laugh even without the buzz from the alcohol.

There was also the guy that was studying to be a sex therapist. Admittedly, that choice in vocation piqued my interest even though I wouldn’t consider him to be much in the looks department.

There were the guys that told me they were tired, nervous, had never done this before, had done this a few times before… and the ones that had unique names that were able to tell me the meaning of their names. The second to last guy was from either Portugal or Lithuania, and had such a name. He was attractive, and had a dreamy voice and accent. We shook hands when he went to move on, and we didn’t want to let go of each other’s hand.

It was this guy that I ended up making a match with. I’m sorry to say that, out of the 50 men I met that night, it was the only match that I made. However, I don’t think that the evening was a waste. It was something fun that I can say I did, it was my first time in a lounge, and I was completely comfortable, which was a miracle. I even found myself joking with most of them, asking if they had bought their resume along. They even played along with me.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Even though it wasn’t directly on Valentine’s Day, I’m totally counting it as what I did. Although I only made one match, the experience was positive overall. I think the drink helped. I think it also helped that the creepers won’t get my information if I don’t check them off as guys I liked.

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