Daily Prompt: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

How funny is it that I saw this prompt shortly after having taken a nap? It was meant to be, I suppose.

I think of myself as being like a child when it comes to sleeping; I fight it with all I’ve got. I think it’s because I’m one that can always find something that needs doing. If I’m tired enough, however, it can wait until after I’ve napped. Or until tomorrow.

When I do finally settle myself, I revel in that process of getting ready to fall asleep. I turn in the bed a couple of times, and try to get my pillow to cradle my neck just so. I pull up the covers, whether just a sheet or more than one blanket. I snuggle up with one of my other pillows and start to drift off to sleep. I might shift position a couple of times, but I always get back to snuggling.

Then I drift off into a comfortable and easy sleep.

I rarely have trouble going to sleep unless I’m sick (weird, huh?), and I rarely have a night where I haven’t been dreaming. Most times, I can remember my dreams. Other nights, even if I can’t remember any parts of the dream, I know that I was dreaming because of how I felt upon waking. Sometimes distressed, sometimes peaceful… but it was all because of a dream.

I wonder what exactly I do when I sleep, because I’ll fall asleep with everything in place, then wake up with bed sheets disheveled, and the pillow that I so lovingly cuddled tossed on the floor. All of this movement during bedtime is the reason that I don’t wear pants to bed. It also makes me too hot, which will rouse me from sleep.

Being too hot is the worst when it comes to trying to sleep. I have a weird habit of not sleeping unless I’m under a cover. If I’m not covered, forget sleep.

In short, sleep and I have a complicated relationship. I compare myself to a child that never wants to go to bed, but am always contented when I’m settling in to go to sleep. There’s a sense of comfort that comes with going to sleep. In bed is where you (hopefully) have no more worries and concerns. You can shrug them off, and settle down into your bed with your blankets, and drift off drowsily into a lake of peace and serenity that only good sleep can give.

Off to dreamland I go…


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