Giant Empanadas, Quilting, and Day 3 of My Week Off

I can’t believe how quickly this week is about to be over! I knew it would fly by, but I wasn’t prepared for how quickly the moments would escape me.

I’d love to say that I spent the week eating and preparing amazing food. Honestly, I thought I would be doing a cleanse this week… but alas, getting everything together was a bit expensive. So I decided to wait to do the cleanse, and gather all that I need bit by bit.

What did I end up doing for the past 3 days?

Well, I stayed up late and slept late every night since I’ve been off. I haven’t hooped yet, even though I vowed to do so. All I’ve done so far was: slowly clean my room, do laundry, look for jobs, sign up for an online bartending & barista course, and make extravagant purchases on Amazon at 1 am. I’ve also managed to cause nearly all of my paycheck to evaporate into nothingness. My checking account laughs in my face, and I silently curse myself for not being more diligent to track my spending.

There are two days left in my week off. I haven’t been counting the weekends since I don’t work then anyway. I’m already feeling a sense of loss, even though I have two more days. Trying not to actively think about going back isn’t helping much. I’ve felt more alert and relaxed, and more at peace with things. It’s not that anything has gotten easier; I just think the r & r has done some good. I have been working on things, but it almost doesn’t feel like work, because I’m working towards something that matters to me. Plus, working at one’s own pace helps.

Speaking of which, I took today to go to Nana’s house and quilt for a couple of hours. I managed to prick my thumb shortly after starting, which caused me to use a thimble the rest of the time. I’m not accustomed to using a thimble, let alone one that was too small for my thumb. It worked out, though. In that moment, I felt peaceful and, dare I say, domestic? I had a moment where I wanted to hurry home and bake bread and clean house. Thank God that moment passed; quilting, cooking and baking is as domesticated as I dare to get.

After getting home from spending time with a friend, I did make a salad, and (finally) used up the rest of the empanada filling I had.


It was a satisfying supper; though it was simple, I think part of the satisfaction came from it being something I made. I miss making meals; when I’m at work, I’m far too tired to do anything when I get home. I’m going to miss these things.

Although I know my time off isn’t over, I felt the need to reflect anyway:

Being at home for a week afforded me time to engage in things that I enjoy, and remember how much I love doing them. Letting something you enjoy consume you releases feelings of peace, tranquility, joy, and an overall sense of balance and satisfaction. I have to admit that some part of me enjoyed being a domestic goddess for a week. Usually, I spend no time at home when I don’t work. However, this was a week where I slowed down… in many ways. I wish I could do this all the time.

Tomorrow, I intend to go out. I’ll probably be out all weekend. I’m all right with that, though; I got all the rest that I needed. My intention is to go to the art museum, but we’ll see what really happens; I know how I am.

Three days down, two more two go, and then my last weekend before returning to work again.


P.S. I’m also going to miss not getting up by an alarm clock. Waking up slowly is more my speed.

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