Mini entry: baking unites people

“I saw your Facebook post; I’m coming to your house!”

“But don’t you even want to know what I made?”

“No, I’ll be there!”

All I wanted to do was make banana muffins. The reason I wanted to make them is because I had some bananas that were overripe. I was going to use them for smoothies, but I forgot to chop them so they could be frozen. I ate about half of what I bought, then decided that I would bake with the other half since I wouldn’t be able to eat them all before they got too sweet.

I solicited my nephew’s help, and he was more than happy to join in. He’s 5, and helped me smash the bananas. (I also got to use the immersion blender that was sent to me by a good friend! Bless her! I love playing with using that thing)


It was nice to be able to do something with him and keep him occupied rather than be annoyed with him. He has his ways, as all kids do; though I will say, we tend to bond best when I “give him a job.” This is usually what I say to him when I let him help me in the kitchen. He loves it, and I don’t mind answering his questions. He’s always held an interest in watching me cook, and has been “making” (which is what he called cooking) since he was about 3. I remember calming him once as an infant by putting his high chair in the center of the kitchen. I guess even under the age of 1, he wanted to know what happened in the kitchen.

Simultaneously, I managed to bond closer to my nephew, and have a friend gravitate to my house. Who knew muffins could do all of that?

I’m glad that I’ve been finding energy to cook again; it’s made me a happier girl. My circumstances haven’t change exactly, but at least my attitude has. Cooking has helped with that. I’m also starting to grow weary of eating the same thing at my job all the time. It only took a year! Now, I’m yearning to eat what I can cook at home more. In fact, I made this little dish tonight using a recipe I got from Epicurious.


If you’ve not tried crispy garlic on something, I highly recommend it. I’ve had roasted garlic on things, but this was altogether different. It’s similar to a noodle dish I’ve made with buttered noodles, garlic and something green, but I never thought to crisp the garlic. It was like eating a garlic chip; it even crunched when I bit into it like a chip! Mom and I descended on that food like buzzards on a carcass; it didn’t stand a chance.

It was the first time in a little while that I’ve eaten something that made me happy. It’s a great feeling when that happens. I’m going to be sure to do that more often.

Sorry this was such a random post. I knew I was going to write about this, though, since it’s the first time in a while that someone has read something I wrote online that made them show up on my doorstep. It was too amusing NOT to write about it.

I’ll have a real post for you all later about me cooking something wonderful. Until then, your girl has been working her smoothie game. Because I love to eat so much, my work pants are getting tight. Your girl needs to be 10 lbs lighter. 15 would be great, but I can be happy with 10.

Enjoy your weekend folks! Eat something wonderful in my stead, and don’t forget the butter!

5 thoughts on “Mini entry: baking unites people

  1. Your blog is lovely! And I love the sound of that crispy garlic – I have some smoked garlic and I may try crisping it up and see how it turns out. See, your blog is making me hungry 🙂 And the story about your nephew is very cute – my daughter (who is eight) loves to cook and I am giving her more freedom in the kitchen now – I think it’s such a valuable life skill. Oh, and I never forget the butter xx

    • Thank you so much! It makes me happy to hear that my blog makes you hungry; that means I’m doing something right!

      Smoked garlic sounds so good! Did you smoke it yourself or buy it that way? Cooking is definitely a valuable life skill, as well as something that can be enjoyable. I’m glad I got to learn, and I feel privileged to be able to teach my nephew here and there. Cooking with young people can be fun! I’m sure it’ll be great for you when your daughter starts making dinners, lol.

      • Smoked garlic is amazing! I get it from my local butcher already smoked – it has quite a different flavour, garlicky but mellower with a hint of smoke. If you can get some it’s well worth trying 🙂 And as for my daughter making dinners, I’m simultaneously dreading and looking forward to it at the same time – she’s a pretty good cook but the kitchen looks like an explosion after she’s finished!

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