Pecan Bars

It pays to be connected!

I met someone through a foodie hashtag talk on Twitter that was a food editor in Florida. Because I participated faithfully in the hashtag talk for quite a while, she was awesome enough to send me a copy of her book. The name of said book is called Cookielicious!


The name alone just makes you want to squeal with excitement, no?

I’ve been really good lately with using up stray ingredients instead of letting them go to waste. In this case, I had some pecans that I needed to use. I like pecan pies and tarts, so I thought I would give the pecan bars recipe in this book a go.

As dorky as this is, I was excited to use an actual recipe book. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve done this. With so much being online, sometimes it’s just easy to look up a database of recipes on your device of choice, and get down to business. Nostalgia swept over me as I picked up the book and looked over the ingredients.

The recipe was easy to follow, and truth be told, it turned out differently than I expected. When I think of pecan bars, I think of something that is assembled like a pecan pie or tart. I fully expected to make a crust, a pecan pie style filling, then bake it in the oven for however long. When I saw that there was flour, baking soda (a leavening agent), and butter that doesn’t actually go into the mixture, the old wheels started turning. As soon as I put it into the oven, it dawned on me: this is going to be more like a cake!

As excited as I was to watch it rise and see what it looked like, I refrained from peeking into the oven until it was all finished. I know… I can hear you asking already: why didn’t you just turn on the oven light and look in that way?

Well, I would if I could, but our little “window” is so crusted over with years of Lord knows what that all I see in that “window” is whether the light is off or on.

After baking it on the universal cooking temperature (350℉) for 30-35 mins, the treat was ready to come out of the oven. Lo and behold, I was right; it did turn out more like a cake. It was a dense cake with lots of nuts inside.


I made these late at night, so I didn’t cut it into bars until the next day. If caramel corn had pecans in it, this is what the bar tasted like. The texture of it was chewy and slightly sticky. To be honest, I’m not sure how the butter played in since it was all on the bottom of the pan; however, like I said in previous entries, I never question the presence of butter in a recipe. If all other logic fails, conclude that it is there to make the end product taste good since that’s what butter does best.

Forgive me for not having a picture of them cut, but they didn’t last long. They lasted for a max of 3 days. That almost burnt sugar taste along with the crunch of the nuts made this an addictive snack for everyone in the family, including my notoriously picky sister.

So I recommend procuring a copy of “Cookielicious”, and when you do, make those pecan bars! Yum yum!

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