New Job, New Adventures

I had reached a certain point in August where I was just frustrated and tired. I remember that day very well. It was a Thursday, actually.

I cried on my way to my current job because I was tired. It’s a decent position as long as it’s a temporary fix; however, I was having that moment when it felt like I was stuck there. I applied for job after job only to come up with nothing, and the most current position that I really wanted had yet to get back to me. I was certain that it was the job for me, but not hearing anything back was too much.

I followed up with them again, making sure they had my current contact information, though I knew I had already sent it after the info session that was held about the job. Thankfully, they got back to me. At the beginning of September (right on the 1st) is when things really began to look up. At the in-person interview, I was offered this new job. It became official 2 weeks later after the background check and drug test cleared.

At my church, even though I’m not Jewish, we observe and recognize the Jewish New Year. How fortuitous that this life transition would take place at that time? Maybe I or no one else planned it, but I know God did.

Having said that, this new job may involve a move to another state. I’ve never lived on my own. Even when I was down in Florida interning and away from home, I still had roommates. This will be something entirely different. Even if I was still at home, said job requires a lot of traveling.

Am I nervous? Of course I am… but part of it is excited energy. Not only am I starting a new (and better paying) job, this is the cusp of a new leg on my life journey. I can’t say where it will lead me, but at least I know one thing is involved that will make me very happy: lots and lots of travel.

The best part of all of this is the love and support that I received upon telling people. Even my boss was very excited for me when I told him what I would be doing. He’s even asked questions about the position here and there up until my last day, which was yesterday. (No, I didn’t cry on my last day. I know, I’m surprised too!) In addition, people have given various gifts, checks, and words of encouragement. My pastors even took time during the service to make sure they prayed for me. Everyone that was part of that prayer had a word of encouragement; I felt so loved that I nearly did cry… but I held it together (by a thread).

Training for this new position starts next week, but I’m certain that this won’t be the only change on the horizon. So cheers to a new job, and the beginning of an epic adventure. Now, my life begins.

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