Sky Girl Life

I sat demurely in the backseat of a black Mercedes SUV on my way to work, looking out at the dark 4am sky.

I can’t deny that it made me feel like something special. This was my first time using Uber, and I saw that there was a black car option, so I chose it. I thought maybe black car was the only option they had. Since I didn’t have a ride available to get me to work on time, I opted to call one in. I felt like a dignitary or a princess. The only thing missing was a partition. I sat in the back, feeling like the lady I was. Yep, I could live like this.

Then I saw how much it cost. It was WAY more than what I spent for a Lyft. Yep Rach, you aren’t a baller. Well, you live and you learn. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I want to feel fancy… and by want to, I mean when I can afford it.

No one is up this early besides me. People get to come onto a flight early in the morning, shuffle to their seats and sleep. Me? I envy them. I am already standing there–with flawless lipstick and freshly done hair–smiling and greeting them as they look at me bleary-eyed.

That particular day, I had a few legs. I commuted to another airport to start my trip, then I went on to 4 other destinations.

What’s bad is that I remember the trips, but not the days that I actually did them. A man asked me how I can keep track of what city I’m in. I told him that I have no problem doing so; however, I can’t manage to remember what day it is at any given time. I suppose the trade-off for remembering where you are is not remembering what day you were there.

I’m starting to get my “sea legs”, more or less. I did almost fall down on a flight when we hit a bump of turbulence. Thank God I was around kindly passengers that put their hands out to steady me. I managed to proceed quickly to my seat after this. I haven’t fallen on anyone yet, but maybe it’s just because I haven’t flown enough.

Being tired is my biggest issue. When I get home, I’m drained physically and emotionally. Getting up early for your on-call does catch up to you, especially if they do call you and give you 5 legs in one day. Even if a rest day is thrown into the trip, falling asleep can be difficult, even if you really want to and need to.

It’s kind of crazy… but I kind of love it. I’m well suited for a job that is ever changing, and this is that job. I get concerned about how it will affect my social life and friendships outside of work, but it seems to be working out so far. Thank God I have friends that understand when I don’t want to go out because I’m tired.

I’m on my last day of rest, which will likely be spent gathering food and other necessities that I’ll need for my next trip. I had 3 days, but 1-1/2 of them were spent in bed resting. Sometimes I wish I had just one more day, but when I get that call, I’ll be ready for the next trip.

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