As father and I jumped off, we frantically began to flap our arms, praying that our wings would carry us. Before long, we didn’t have to flap as hard; we had caught an air current. We were actually flying! Deciding to fly a bit higher, we had to mount into the air through a cloud. It was a bit daunting; while in a cloud, whiteness surrounds you and visibility is minimal. Still, I flapped. Finally, I emerged into the warmth and beauty of a blue sky. The cloud through which I flew seemed as frothy water below me. Entranced by the blue of the sky and the warmth of open air, I felt alive and powerful. I wonder how close I could get to the heat of the sun…

So I may have taken creative liberty here (the real story is less descriptive), but after seeing what Icarus probably saw when he flew, I get how he could have easily forgotten his father’s admonition.

Seeing a takeoff firsthand is something that everyone should have the opportunity to do. I’ve received the opportunity to do so twice. The first time around, it was too cloudy to see anything, even at altitude. The next time, however, was altogether different.

As we mounted into the sky, the aircraft was swiftly approaching a cloud. It’s unnerving to fly full speed through something as big as a cloud, even if you know you can fly through it. I found myself cringing and bracing myself. Nothing more happened than being surrounded by grayish-white; think of it as a thick fog.

Once we got through it, not only was there sunlight that was barely seen on the ground, but now blue sky appeared. It was big, open and limitless. Those clouds we flew through were now far below us, and resembled a churning, foamy river or ocean. One can’t help but to feel awakened at the sight of such a thing.

I immediately thought of the Greek myth where Icarus and his father soared through the sky like birds. Aside from him drowning, I envy them. I could almost see them diving in and out of the clouds, and breathing in the salty sea that would’ve been well below them.

I have always wanted to fly; this occupation allows me to soar through the air. Even if I decide to take up something else, I know me. I won’t stay grounded for long.

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