Tired Advice

“Don’t worry; you’ll find someone. It happens when you least expect it.”

“Put yourself out there.”

“Being single isn’t that bad.”

Oh yeah? Then why don’t you go back to being single and tell me how you feel then?

Hearing these things repeatedly when you’re single makes you want to run the people over that say such things with a tractor trailer… then back up to make sure they’re really most sincerely dead.

Is that harsh enough? Imagine how it feels when smug couples callously throw these sayings your way. I wonder if they even believe what they’re saying when they say it to you. Just because you managed to find someone nice doesn’t mean that everyone in the world does, and it surely had nothing to do with the sorry advice that you gave.

You managed to have one good relationship out of a string of bad ones; trust me, I’m your witness. What now makes you qualified to give me any kind of advice on how to find a man? Who’s to say that I’ll even find one? I know several good women that haven’t, and it scares me to think that I could never have a great husband and children.

Let’s just cut the crap and face this fact: there are good people in the world that don’t end up with someone to love them and they don’t have children, no matter how much they may have wanted it.

I want to believe that it’s possible… but after having always been single with nothing but disappointment to look back on, forgive me if I’m disillusioned, angry at life, and slightly bitter when it comes to this subject. Life is not a Disney movie. Sometimes Cinderella is stuck on the side or the road changing her own tire, or comes home from work after a horrible work week… with nothing to greet her but the wind whistling through the cracks in her walls. She doesn’t even have a cat, and she’d really like one!

Please just don’t say anything else; it doesn’t help. Neither does listening to love songs, yet I do it and end up wanting to drink myself to sleep. I never do, though. What really happens is that I hug my pillow at night and cry, wishing it was someone that could hug me back.

A morbid post, but I’m tired. I’m tired of tired advice. I’m tired of people that say these things, but don’t really care… because they can go home to their spouses or significant others.

While I feel like a vagabond that must put on that brave face and traverse the world alone. Maybe forever.


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