In Want Of A Burner

Let’s be real for a moment. Can we take a moment to be honest for a second?

Jetsetting is fun!

Granted, I do it for work, and I mostly explore the East Coast (and a bit of Canada) because I work regional flights… but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a job. I literally have a mobile office! I can be in Detroit in the morning, and in Huntsville, Alabama by evening. In a span of 2-3 hours, I can go to Rhode Island and come right back. AND… if I’m fortunate enough to have time in any of the locales that I visit, I get to explore the area and do my favourite thing: find good places to eat!

This is the life, right? RIGHT?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to be land-locked any time soon! It’s just that one thing that gets old for me is eating out. Besides, my stomach doesn’t handle eating out well. The night before Easter and about this time last week, my stomach had been irritated, and I was back and forth between my room and the bathroom for HOURS (I’ll spare you the details. All I’ll say is “both ends”. It wasn’t a good time and I didn’t sleep). I was afraid it was my gall bladder because of how close together the incidents were. Thankfully, according to the doctor, it was not.

Plus, eating out all the time gets to be expensive. Although I do like to eat out at times, it’s mostly to give me inspiration for what I really like to do: cook!

In a hotel, there is precious little that can be heated in a microwave, and even some of your options are limited to what can last 9 hours in a lunch bag without any real refrigeration. Unless you’re going to one special place in a certain location, eating out loses its novelty. I find myself longing for ingredients and a burner over which to combine them and make something delicious.

I know I’ve had this gig for 6 months, but I’m still trying to figure out what to bring when I go away. Nuts, tea, protein bars, instant oatmeal (kind of depressing, but it works in a pinch), sometimes fruit that won’t bruise easily, and the occasional cup of ramen when money is tight seems to be the pattern. It sustains you through a 4-day stretch away from home… and if you’re lucky enough to be near a fast food place, you can grab a quick sandwich to supplement any residual hunger.

The days off have been happy times; the cast iron skillet hits the hob, and I turn the knob for that familiar clicking of the pilot that lights itself. It’s not to say that good meals are scarce on the road, but there’s nothing like cooking for yourself, and assembling things in exactly the fashion that pleases you. Things got so deep at one point that I even missed salad. Yes, salad. It was that serious.

My schedule says I’ll be home tonight, but since I have 3 more on-call days, who knows? I look forward to the next time I can round up some ingredients and enjoy something Rachel-made.

A life-update post is soon to come. A LOT has been going on and is about to happen soon.

Ciao friends!

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